Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Hel-lo 2006! Goodbye 2005. Out with the old, in with the new, it's time to decide what the coming year will hold for us. Yup. Get out that stubby #2 pencil with the tooth marks and grab a piece of notebook paper, your journal, a large Post-It or heck, a napkin. C'mon, you know you have one leftover from the weekend's Taco Bell moment.

Every January most Americans set the loftiest goals for themselves and in doing so guarantee failure. Or they lower the standard so much that you can't help but achieve the goal. "Hmmm, let's see, this year I resolve to brush my teeth. Daily." I strive for a happy medium. I want goals that are attainable but require dedication, or at the least determination and elbow grease. I want goals that make me work hard enough to know the end result is worth it. And I want at least one goal that is a guilty pleasure. One of my favorite movie quotes goes something like this: "Funny thing about guilt. There isn't anything so bad that you can't add a little guilt and make it worse. And there isn't anything so good that you can't add a little and make it better."

After pondering a bit, I've come up with my resolutions for 2006.
  1. Reclaim my healthy lifestyle. No, I'm not talking about group therapy unless it involves me in a herd of runner/walkers making Town Lake trail our own. I took the fall off and now that winter is here I will kickstart my lazy bum into action. Losing some poundage would be a nice side effect, but mostly I want to feel better from the inside out.
  2. Bring my lunch to work 90% of the time. Eating out holds too much temptation. Within walking distance of my office is very good pizza, TexMex, Thai, Greek, NY style deli food and Hut's Hamburger's just to name a few places. I'll be so much better off with a healthy but yummy lunch instead of a plate of Las Manitas enchiladas or a 10" pie from Frank & Angie's. (I love you, F&A's!)
  3. If I bring my lunch every day during a work week, I'll give myself permission to have an avocado gelato at Whole Foods. My guilty pleasure. I'm fairly certain I can attain this goal once a month. Imagine! I can have 12 gelatos for 2006. Life can't get any better.
  4. Financial health---continue to aggressively pay off my debts. I should be rid of all but the car note, car insurance, cell phone and cable bill by the end of February. Then I'd like to fatten my anorexic savings account. My closest friends are already thinking "what savings account?" I'm not known for having extra money laying around anywhere. My paid off credit card is going into my boyfriend's wallet for emergencies only. If I keep it, you know that before March is over there is guaranteed to be an "emergency happy hour".
  5. Implement the upgrade. Kaya version 2.0 is going into beta mode as you read this. I've already had quite the experience with eyebrow waxing, something I will blog about once I'm over the trauma. I resolve to put more effort into my appearance, to purchase clothing that isn't baggy or blah, and to ceaselessly hunt for the perfect daytime lipstick color.
  6. Be kinder. Spending so much time with the gay boiz at the bar is quite entertaining but developing a drag queen sense of humor is only fun if you aren't on the receiving end. In 2006 I am hoping that more of what comes out of my mouth is complimentary, not condescending. I'm searching for better ways to make people laugh than at each other.
  7. Tackle the Danskin again. I may not compete in the Tri all by myself. Part of a relay team is okay. But I would like to experience it again. It's possible that I may commit to swim lessons and go for broke in June but I can't promise it. So for now, my goal is to be a part of it even if that means just biking or just running or *gasp* just swimming.
  8. Continue to be the best cheerleader I can possibly be for Frank and his athletic aspirations for this year. If I lose enough weight maybe he'll buy me a cute outfit with pompoms and a short skirt. Even if I don't get to wear something that requires color coordinated briefs I will be at every possible one of his races. He's done amazing things in the last year with his running and this fall with his biking. I can only imagine how far he'll go in 2006. I'm looking forward to his marathon and later in the Spring being his SAG hag in the MS150. Can't you see me driving the SAG vehicle, Tammy Wynette cranked on the stereo blasting out "Stand By Your Man"?

Now that you've read my resolutions I hope you're thinking of your own. Leave me a comment and let me know what you resolve to do or change in 2006. Happy New Year!


Frederick Reinhardt said...

We ARE still going to Athenia today, RIGHT?

TwinKim said...

I resolve to find a new job, one that doesn't make me crazy but still pays the bills. I also resolve to start walking at least three times a week in the evenings for at least one mile each time. I might start that one next week, though, since I'm all tied up this week and can't walk past 7:00 in the evening as my nights belong to my children.

I also resolve to read ten books by Feb 28 and to do so early enough that I can redeem my adult reading program certificate at the library for one of the really cool red book bags they are giving away and not be stuck with the ugly red apron. Since I just picked up seven books yesterday, I'm pretty sure I can make this goal.

Lucky Hawk said...

why don't you try some ads below the main title?

Kaya said...

I was actually contemplating removing the Google adsense ads from my blog completely, Lucky Hawk. I don't think many click on them and I don't really care about them. Ads beneath the main title? But you miss the point of this blog. It's all about me. Not about whatever commercial tie-in an auto-generated program can find.