Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Summer Vacation In Pictures

Let's see if I can just give you the pictorial:

Colter Bay Village Marina, Grand Teton N.P.

Elk on roadside in Yellowstone N.P.

One of the rivers in Yellowstone...maybe the Snake River? Can't recall.

Jaime fighting a bear. Don't know why this picture is tiny.

Beautiful trees in GTNP

Shelby, Adam, Jaime, me & Mike at thermal area, probably Biscuit Basin. Kim was taking the picture. Spectacular colors in thermal pool. Jaime & I at Old Faithful Inn, where it snowed like crazy.

Our favorite restaurant was the Leek's Marina pizza place in GTNP. Fantastic thin crust pizza and cold, cold beer on tap.

They also had some kickin' Grand Teton Garlic good. It has melted mozzarella inside it.

In addition to the otters, marmot, fox, moose baby and various other animals we also saw a grizzly. We were leaving in the middle of a snowstorm to come back home. He was on the side of the road...the tiny road...the only road into and out of Colter Bay Village. Believe it or not, incredibly stupid (or suicidal) tourists were out of their cars and within a few yards of this bear, snapping away. I was hoping that the picture after this one could be of a mauling but alas, the bear, who did get angry, simply wandered off. I guess he doesn't like the taste of idiots.

And saving the very best for last, here is what happens when you put me and Jaime on a snowy balcony overlooking Old Faithful. We were in a thundersnow waiting for OF to erupt, hoping to be able to see it through the rapidly falling snowflakes when...

Yes, he did. And yes, I said yes. Nope, we don't know when. But yes, we'll let you know.

It was an amazing vacation!