Saturday, August 28, 2010


One thing I've learned from the last year of Tweeting is that you just never know what kind of fun thing you can stumble upon, just from reading a quick post. When Ilene Haddad questioned if anyone wanted to get together on a Saturday and exchange blogging ideas, advice and tips, it quickly escalated into a full blown workshopping event. BlogathonATX is underway, with blogging, content & tech experts on hand.

The jokes started flying when I mentioned to friends that I was attending a blogging workshop. "Are you wearing your Star Trek uniform?". No, of course not. I'm rockin' the Princess Leia gold bikini from Star Wars, you dork! I admit that a blogging workshop sounds like a bunch of socially inept people heads down over laptops, ignoring the people sitting around the same large table but trust me, it's far from the truth.

It's probably a good thing that only one room was designated the "Talking Room" because you can hear the laughter all the way to the back of the building. Conjunctured, a co-working space in E. Austin, donated the use of their sweet offices for this event. It's an old house and I'm probably blogging from the master bedroom. How cool is that?

With conversations ranging from all-about-blogging to raw foods diets and every topic in between, it's been a heckuva good time. I even did an interview for Q, telling her in 10 words or less why I blog. Y'all know I couldn't manage it in 10 words...I used 11 and then kept talking.