Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am I Crazy? Really?? Certifiable?

The question you've all asked yourself over the years has been answered. Yes, I am crazy. I rode a whopping 7 miles on my still new road bike last weekend...and then signed up for the MS150 Bike to the Beach in October.

Holy crap. I've got a lot of training to do. I'm excited and terrified. I'm doing this as a challenge to myself, to give my lazy butt something to work toward. I'm also doing this because Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that should have more research funding, more educational awareness and above all, should be held up as an example of a long term illness that affects so many in our nation.

And I'm going to do my part by biking from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. It scares me to even write it down. It's real and now I have to get ready. Look out, Corpus, here I come!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Becoming a Rocker Girl

I never thought I'd be a rock & roll girl. I guess I always thought I was too much of a bookworm or had more of an appreciation for refined atmosphere. But as my life with Jaime progresses I'm finding out that there was a hard rockin' chica inside me all along.

Although some nights I'd rather be with my girlfriends sipping prosecco in a wine bar somewhere (preferably one that sells slivers of fancy cheese and smoked almonds and such) I often find myself in a grubby bar watching SuperCrash set up for a show. It's almost always some place that has Lone Star tallboys in a can and a shot special involving gelatin but sometimes it's a bar with a decent variety of beers on tap and the specials involve whisky shooters served neat.

Such was the case on Saturday night, when the S'Crash boys rocked out at Hanover's in Pflugerville. It was my second weekend in a row at Hangover's, err, Hanover's. I'd gone to a Humiliator's gig the week prior. I like that the bar has ample parking and a large stage. The sound is good and loud enough to please metal bands, as evidenced by my need to buy earplugs.

It was at this week's show, however that I realized I had become a rocker girl and didn't even know it. Sure, I recognize band members and their significant others when we run into each other at Spec's (hi, Ken!) and I've gone to backyard BBQ's only to realize half the Red River world was also attending but I hadn't really felt like I was a genuine member of the scene.

That all changed on Saturday night during the Humi's show when I spied a flyer taped to a speaker. The flyer was a photo of me and the Humi's bassist from the week before and well, what can I say except a picture tells a thousand words.

Many thanks to Rachel for the photo--you RAWK! And Jeff, much love, much love. And if I ever need to take a rest on a picnic table bench you have my permission to snap silly pictures of me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving, Moving, Moving

Yeah, so I moved last week. It was unexpected. I found out during the last week of April that we needed to be out of our house by the end of May. Then on the first Saturday of May I found out that we had to be out of the house in 4 days. I'm not even going to try to explain why.

So...with nothing packed at all, Jaime and I moved my entire world of possessions in a day and a half. I've stuffed full his storage room, formerly large enough to house a third world country family including both sets of grandparents. I'm now at my new digs in Tom & Jaime's house.

What did I learn? I am a firm believer that if you have the money to pay a company to come and pack you up and move your stuff you should totally do it. I have now come to understand that packing under the influence of alcohol is to be avoided. (If anyone finds my dirty laundry please let me know.) You may have the world's best relationship but packing and moving will test it. Especially when one has had adult beverages and the other has not. And lastly, that whole idea that you can reward your friends with a pizza and a 12 pack just doesn't apply to late 30's, early 40's adults. Buy a keg and make it several pizzas. Side note to friends: there will be a moving and keg party sometime this year.

Yes, my current digs are temporary. Jaime and I are planning to move into our own home later this year. Can you believe it? This wonderful man is the same one all of you had to nag at me to date and here I am planning to make things way permanent. Hindsight is 20/ of y'all should've bashed me in the head with a skillet and told me to wake up. I could've been 18 months into a great relationship instead of just at a year.

But I digress. Anyway, the move is done for now. I'm getting settled in to life with two new male houesemates. Goodbye Darren & David, hello Tom & Jaime! I've traded the Pug o'Love for a chocolate lab. One snorts and the other slobbers. They're both insanely adorable.