Thursday, January 12, 2006

KAOS in Austin & Go Betty Go

Underground radio is alive and well in Austin, Texas. I had fun times last night hanging out at the KAOS 95.9 "studio" with Rocket. Our friend Ray was drinking some quality Busch Light during his d.j. time, and queuing up some fantastic music. The studio is in a decrepit garage whose walls and ceiling contain some interesting graffiti. In one corner there's a bookshelf filled with empty liquor bottles. Seating includes a stained couch that was once some bland neutral color, a stool and a broken plastic lawn chair. Despite the less than sparkling clean environment, Rocket and I had a great time listening to music and talking with the guys that were hanging out. The topics of conversation ranged from one man's G.I. issue that resolved itself at the Half Price Books on S. Lamar to a description of the home where I'm currently housesitting. Suffice it to say that when the music is loud it is easy to mistake "master bedroom" for "masturbation". Tune your radio to KAOS or visit the website if you prefer to stream it and enjoy.

While I'm thinking about music, let me take this moment to share with you that the Go Betty Go cd "Nothing is More" is nothing but kick ass good. I bought mine at Best Buy, but Waterloo sells them, too. GBG is an all-female L.A. pop-punk group with a solid sound. Check 'em out!


Frederick Reinhardt said...

Actually finished the disc and was super surprised that it was HELLA HELLA GOOD!

Frederick Reinhardt said...

While you're talking about "new" music, another one that you won't hear on the boring Mix 94.7, "Arcade Fire" is purdy good. Reminds me of some of our old 80's music...The Talking Heads, maybe???

Kaya said...

Yes, Go Betty Go grows on you! I have turned David on to it as well.

Arcade Fire comes to Austin a few times a year, right? Isn't there someone here at the firm that is heavy into them and always looks for tickets to their shows? I seem to recall them playing La Zona Rosa and/or Antone's. Bob Schneider is playing another gig at Antone's tomorrow's the third time in a week or so that he's played in town. Must be in between making albums.

Missychel said...

hmmm.....the whole full moon+Friday the 13th did not even register with me. I am so oblivious sometimes....okay...a good majority of the time.

That would explain maybe why a very dear friend(male) who decided after being close to best buddies for over 12 years decided to profess his love to me.

Now I was HAMMERED and sent him home...back to his wife and 19 month old child. It totally freaked me out. I am not sure how I am going to handle this. I do love him but not how he apparently loves me. Sure we screwed around here and there back when I was 23ish...a mere child.

At least I only see him when I make the trip to Houston.