Friday, January 13, 2006

Full Moon & Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and it's a full moon weekend, with the moon at it's biggest and brightest at 3:48am cst. What does this mean to us?

If you are superstitious you believe that unlucky and sometimes bad things happen on Friday the 13th. Some Christians attribute this to the presence of the 13th person, Judas, at the Last Supper. The belief that Friday and the number 13 is a dire combination was reinforced on October 13, 1307 when King Philip the IV of France ordered the arrest and subsequent torture of the grand master of the Knights Templar along with 60 of his knights. I'm guessing executing 61 high profile men would indeed make Friday the 13th stand out as a black day in the public's view.

And what of the moon? Most people believe full moons bring with it erratic and dramatic behavior. I've been known to blame my extra-gregarious conduct on the full moon. I find that when the moon is at it's fullest coincides with my most powerful urges for untamed and free spirited actions. Having worked at a hospital for years, I've seen the ER become much busier and with many more oddball cases during a full moon than on other days. Wiccans, Pagans and other people who practice magick view the full moon as a time to draw things to you, start a project, make an entreaty for love or ask for something beneficial for yourself or another. I think full moons are most beautiful, so luminous and heavy in the sky.

When an unlucky day and a full moon occur together, is there some significance? I tried googling it but the most interesting item I found was a castle in Ireland offering a package deal for the weekend. For 260 euros per person you can participate in a nifty Friday the 13th/Full Moon weekend that includes a feast in the "haunted vaults of the monks kitchen", a Celtic full moon gathering around a fire pit, falcon demonstrations and global dance trance DJ's. Fun times!

Tell me what you think. Have you ever had a totally unlucky Friday the 13th? Or a wild full moon night?


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Amy said...

It's my dad's birthday too!

Kaya said...

The moon was simply spectacular on Saturday night. Beautiful!

Missychel said... I am a dumb-ass & posted this in the wrong area.....proof of one of my comments below so read on!!....


hmmm.....the whole full moon+Friday the 13th did not even register with me. I am so oblivious sometimes....okay...a good majority of the time.

That would explain maybe why a very dear friend(male) who decided after being close to best buddies for over 12 years decided to profess his love to me.

Now I was HAMMERED and sent him home...back to his wife and 19 month old child. It totally freaked me out. I am not sure how I am going to handle this. I do love him but not how he apparently loves me. Sure we screwed around here and there back when I was 23ish...a mere child.

At least I only see him when I make the trip to Houston.