Sunday, January 15, 2006


Amy tagged me for a Too Much Information meme of ten random & weird facts. It's a little difficult to come up with things ya'll don't know about me since I recently posted a total of 100 bits of Kay trivia. Hmmm...I'll take a stab at this anyway.

  1. My favorite sports drink flavor is plain jane lemon-lime.
  2. My favorite breakfast taco is bean, egg & bacon on a flour tortilla. I still love the fajita, egg & avocado on corn from Taco Shack, but bean, egg & bacon tops them all.
  3. The only magazine I'm currently subscribed to is Lucky. I've been too lazy to subscribe to a favorite running mag and a cooking mag that Amy has turned me on to with the blogfulls of fabulous descriptions of recipes she's tried out.
  4. I just bought a new pair of Mizuno running shoes. They are extremely comfortable, much more so than my Saucony's. I love them.
  5. I am not photogenic. Every picture taken of me is awful. I'm much better IRL.
  6. I am an avid blogger, and read several blogs but none of my close circle of friends blog.
  7. I will become a great aunt in the next month. Funny, I don't seem old enough to be a great aunt. (No snide remarks, Frederick!)
  8. I am planning to visit Orlando, St. Louis, El Paso, Las Vegas and NYC during 2006.
  9. I judge TexMex restaurants by their rice. If the rice is dried out and/or tasteless, the restaurant gets low marks. You can't be a good TexMex joint with bad rice.
  10. One of my favorite quick & easy lunch foods is Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers .

Okay, that's my random facts. I'm tagging Estelle , Kim, Frederick, Jessee and Corrie. The last four don't have blogs, so they can use my comments section. The deal is, you do your ten and then tag five more folks. Happy meme'ing.


Frederick Reinhardt said...

Oh Dear God! The pressure!

1. I have 3 tattoos...only 2 of which are "globally" known...the third of which only a handful (or two handfuls) have seen by others.
2. My first care was a '78 Datsun B210 GX that didn't have a floor board on the passenger side. Was big fun, but not-so-much when it rained.
3. I used to have a safety pin in my pee-pee until I wore some jeans that were a little two tight. Now I have a cute little scar.
4. I bowl. That's right. I said it.
5. I've thrown up on a woman during sex.
6. I've thrown up on a man during sex.
7. I've since resolved all nausea issues.
8. 3 of my teeth are natural. (HAHAHAHA!...that's a joke!)
9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ABBA and The Bee Gees.
10. I collect Finger Puppets (and that's not a euphemism for sex partners!)
11. Since #8 was a joke, I've thrown in a bonus...I have OWNED a single-wide trailer!

Kaya said...

OMG!! I'm laughing so hard I'm in danger of falling off my chair. I had totally forgotten about the Datsun and how you could watch the road go by. Great meme!

Miss J said...

I notice there is no trip to Milwaukee planned in 2006!

I've never had chicken pox. Although I'm going to the doctor at 2, because I'm relatively sure I have them now - at the ripe age of 34 - which BTW IS old enough to be the great aunt of a 2 year old.

Kaya said...

Holy moly! I left off an important and yes, planned, trip to Milwaukee. The fabulous Miss J is soon to drop the "i" and extra "s" and add an "r"...and become a Mrs. We'll be trekking to Wisconsin in October of 2006...sure to be cold at that time of year. OMG you think you have chicken pox? Say it isn't so!

Anonymous said...

boring. none of those were anything i would describe as TMI. TMI is the dirty stuff, the stuff that gives people horrible mental images and gives them chills down their spine.

Kaya said...

Sorry to be so vanilla, Anonymous. Perhaps you'll rise to the challenge of being tagged and provide us with interesting and entertaining random & weird facts about yourself...since I was looking for random & weird, not trashy & disturbing. But to appease my public, I'll share that last night I dreamed about Joel again. It was a nightmare, just like the dream on Saturday night. Let me summarize by saying Joel wanted to kiss me and I complied, but he was so disgusted by it that he threw up in my mouth. In my dream I could feel and taste it. Now, do you think that is a bit less yaaaaaaawwwwwn for you, Anonymous?

Joel, I'm not holding it against you. BTW, you looked FABULOUS in my dream. Damnit.

Amy said...

Nice list! I love those Morningstar black bean burgers! And I'm not photogenic either. Which in turns makes me camera-phobic.

Missychel said... i was in Houston and this is a bit late....but here it goes...
1)my favorite icecream is marble slabs peppermint funny....since I am not a big fan on the hard candy.
2)i think i have Fredrick topped with the puke one.....I have thrown up in someones mouth while kissing them! 20 years old....too much shark bite punch. Even worse...he kept kissing me after the fact!
3)i rode the bus until i was 22...almost 23 years old. Why? I didn't get my DL until then.
4)Most fun job ever? Go-Go dancing at 8.0 right before I moved to Austin.
4)my favorite pizza Star Pizza's garlic joe....spinich, garlic, art hearts, garlic....oh yeah and garlic.
5)I will purchase my first grown up bike in a few weeks. I plan on riding with Team Soup Peddler for the Hill Country Aids Ride
6) I am TERRIFIED of heights.
7)I collect and love frogs...thinking about getting a frog tattoo against my husbands wishes so will have to sneak off and get it.
8)my favorite drink is a extra dirty no vermouth,good vodka cold that there are ice crystals floating in it with extra olives...jalapeno stuffed are the best.
9)if Urban Cowboy is on the tube I will stop eerything and finish watching it.
10)I still sleep with a stuffed animal even though I am married. He is a stuffed pig that I got when I was in junior high and his name is Austin. He is about 2 feet long and I love him.

Frederick Reinhardt said...

Who is Missychel? We're thinking about hookin' up with Team Soup Peddler too! Perhaps we'll meet...if we haven't already!

Kaya said...

Freddy you met Chel at the Danskin....she was the hottie in the cowboy hat that got me through each transition and then ran the 5k with the relay team that Kiwi was on. I'll get ya an email addy.

And Chel, I still think you should get the tat. But if Todd asks, I will deny that I ever encouraged you! LOL. ICK---barf in mouth. At least I only experienced that in my dreams, not IRL.

Joel. said...

Dear kaya,

No, I do not have any animosity or related issues for you regarding the me in the dream. Simply, the up-chuck; maybe I was not feeling well and bad timing? LOL>>> and thank you about looking good. Will continue to strive in that arena. Xo...


TwinKim said...

It's hard to come up with a list of relatively unknown trivia when you have a twin but here goes:

1. I hate pancakes. I will periodically crave them, however, and will order them the next time I’m out to eat. I eat them with butter and jam or jelly, no syrup. My family thinks pancakes are a convenient vehicle to get a large amount of syrup to your mouth and are therefore bewildered by my pancake and syrup aversion. Despite being married nearly ten years, my hubby and both kids will still cry out “You’re ruining them!” when the butter and jam/jelly nears my yearly pancake.
2. I have a tattoo. If you knew me in my life previous to my married life and if you liked to go out with me to the bars, you might have seen it. If you didn’t know me until this incarnation, you will never, ever have the opportunity to see it. I got it because of what it represents to me about myself and my life and then nearly ruined it by dropping my drawers in every gay bar in St. Louis to show it off. Thankfully, that lasted less than six months as the novelty wore off (and most of Gay St. Louis had seen it once or twice) and now I share it only with my heart’s desire. And my OB/Gyn.
3. I know some simple B&E skills, a little about counterfeiting and identity theft. I want to learn how to pick locks. I try not to give in to the dark side and hope to use my talents only for good and not evil. Living with a police officer helps reinforce this whenever the devil whispers in my ear.
4. I work with the mentally ill and could probably impersonate a mentally ill person with great success. Again, not necessarily a skill you find honest and good use for in everyday life.
5. I know someone who lives in Gayville. Gayville, SD. I covet her sweatshirt from the Gayville Police Department.
6. I once turned my hair copper penny orange by accident and once purple by design. I haven’t colored it since and proudly wear my grey.
7. I have written business plans to open three businesses: a bar with a short order grill catering to police officers, a gay bar (there are no gay bars in St. Charles County), and a bakery that sells specialty cupcakes. I’d share their names but someone might steal them. I will never actually own/operate these businesses but if you are interested in investing large amounts of money in a woman-owned, woman-operated venture, give me a call.
8. I own about $300 worth of rubber stamping paraphernalia but have created less than a dozen cards on my own. Don’t tell my husband because I’m going to another stamp party this Friday night.
9. I love Pop Rocks!
10. My fantasy vacations to places I’ve never visited include: Las Vegas, Maine, Belize, Machu Picchu, The Galapagos Islands and New Zealand.

Lastly, a freebie for Kay who already knew about my hair colors and my dislike for pancakes. I collect old-fashioned (“primitive”) wooden potato mashers that look like small butter churns but I’m thinking about collecting Eiffel Towers. Oh, and I like the way skunks smell.