Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Bloggies

Do you like my blog? Do you laugh at what I write? Does my blog bring a smile to your day? Do you find yourself thinking back over something I've mentioned or discussed or whined about after you've read a posting? Why not nominate me for a Bloggie? Yes, just like every other entertainment genre, blogging has an awards show and better yet, it's based here in Austin. The Sixth Annual Weblogs Award ceremony will be on March 13th at the SXSW Interactive Festival during the madness that is SXSW.

The nomination categories include best American blog, best writing, best humorous blog and so on. There's catergories for the best GLBT blogs alongside best teen blog, best craft, entertainment, political, community and best food blogs among other things. Even, as my blog would fall into, a best new blog for those of us who just started up in 2005.

You can nominate only once, using your email address. They will ask you for the name of the blog you're nominating and the URL or address of the blog, for you internet novices. As a bonus, when you nominate you can ask to become a judge for the finalists. If you go so far as to sponsor a prize for the bloggies and you are attending SXSW, you can even be a presenter at the awards ceremony. Top prize for Weblog of the Year is a whopping 2,006 pennies. I thought a more symbolic award would be a nice cushion for the computer desk chair. Log on and give your favorite blogs a nomination. It'll only take a minute and think of the good computer karma you'll receive. Happy voting!

1 comment:

TwinKim said...

I wonder how many nominations you have to get to actually win??

I don't read enough blogs but was able to nominate three. I'm just not enough of a geek to have more!