Wednesday, December 21, 2005

10 Great Things in Austin

This is a quick post, just an off the cuff kind of blogging. Driving to work and thinking of breakfast tacos inspired this posting.

  1. Juan in a Million's Don Juan taco. Super cheap breakfast taco that is too big for me to finish unless I am absolutely famished. They have the hottest salsa in town, too.
  2. Starbucks on every corner. We are slowly being taken over. Resistance is futile, but damn! What a great cup of coffee.
  3. Star Seeds Cafe's scrumptious Star Dip. Mmmmmm.
  4. Alamo Drafthouse. Dinner & a movie in one place. Even better, they have beer by the bucket.
  5. Jonathan at Rain. He is the most upbeat happy hour bartender ever.
  6. Tesoros on Congress. If you are looking for a t-shirt emblazoned with the likeness of Che Guevara or a Mexican wrestling star you are in the right place. Most of the time I don't find anything I really need to buy but it is a great place to kill an hour. They are your spot for ethnic greeting cards, colorful Mexican laminated oil cloth and Frida Kahlo coffee table books.
  7. Austin Land & Cattle Company's famous Black & Blue steak. I prefer the ribeye. If you go, make a reservation and request Daniel for your waitperson. He rocks! So do the goat cheese stuffed grilled green chilis. Get one for your appetizer.
  8. Bookpeople. They keep Austin weird & reading.
  9. Town Lake's hike & bike trail. Exercise and cruising the hotties all in one pretty place. Wear your sunglasses for less obvious "shopping".
  10. St. Mary's Cathedral. It is simply gorgeous now that they've renovated.

The list could go on and on since I love Austin. Why don't you leave me a comment and tell me some of your favorite things about our city?


Frederick Reinhardt said...

I have to admit, some of those are "great" (ESPECIALLY JiaM!!!)'s my list...sadly, most will probably be food places!

1. Las Manitas Avenue Cafe...where else can you walk into the kitchen to go to the bathroom and watch them cook your food?

2. Frank & Angie's...I've not experienced Daniel at ALC, but HE ROCKS at F&A's! Kay's right...regardless of where he happens to be working at any given moment, DANIEL ROCKS! I guess, technically, DANIEL should be listed as a "Ten Great Things about Austin"!

3. Amy's Ice Cream...there's no greater pleasure in life than sweet cream ice cream with Cap'n Berry Crunch cereal.

4. Toss up between Toy Joy and Terra Toys. Not your everyday Toy Stores. Both of these places sell OLD SCHOOL toys. Toys that require you to use your imagination rather than popping in a disc and grabbing a joystick. Did you know they actually still sell finger puppets? And I pretty much have every single one ever made!

5. Esther's Follies. While out-o-towners probably won't "get" a lot of the jokes, it's a laugh riot and a must see. Think "smart" SNL.

6. Flag-ship Whole Foods Market at 6th & Lamar. OMG! 30 different types of FRESH sausage! You could walk through the store for 2 hours a day/7 days/week for a month and never see all the offerings in this super-fantastic-supermarket! It puts the "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" in OH MY GAWD!

7. UT Football!

8. Enchiladas Y Mas. "Never trust a skinny cook". Regardless of what you order on the menu, you'll never walk out hungry. Of course, you may need to order your "Medilert" bracelet when you get home. There ain't nothing healthy on the menu...they don't even have diet Coke!

9. Shady Grove...The "Bad Chili Dog" is the best hot-dog on the planet. Don't try to eat it by yourself though...I think it's meant to be shared. (I'll admit, I usually don't share!) Suffer the fool who waits for a table inside...the point is "SHADY" Grove...NOT "INDOOR" Grove! Which brings me to #10...

10. THE WEATHER! Can you believe it was 68 ON CHRISTMAS DAY! It's fabulous to be able to wear shorts 365!

Amy said...

omg, Don Juan Taco is THE taco!!

Happy New Year, Kay!