Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekends are Wonderful...Can We Have Them More Often?

My weekend was spent trying to relax. I had a rough work week and really needed a few days to recharge, refocus and rest. So I did what any rational woman would do: Family Night at the Reinhardt-Miller’s. In celebration of the famous Miss Amy Carr’s visit, we gathered together for food and fun. I drank a few Amstel Lights (since Darla and Caley refused to buy Lone Star) and ate some yummy food. Frederick grilled sausages, chicken and shrimp (for the non-carnivorous members of the R-M Family) and all of us attendees brought potluck side dishes. I made a pot of frijoles that all but disappeared. Frank’s mom taught me to make beans her way and they are always good. Leslie made her famous pasta salad with jalapeƱos…an unusual Mediterranean/Mexican fusion that is one of our favorites for potluck nights. Kevin graced us with his presence…and what a presence it is! Gotta love a man whose winsome smile comes with full arm tats and a shaved head. I tried to steal him away from his wife for just one night but he has this thing about monogamy. Damn the bad luck. Julie, Heather and LJ provided fantastic desserts. I had a little of all three, the peach pie, apple pie and Boston Cream pie. Mmmmm. I’m still dreaming of the sausage, though. I usually don’t eat sausage since it seems to always be greasy. These were short, thick polish sausages and not greasy at all, but so flavorful that I went back for seconds. Oink.

I was very happy that Pappa let me put Adrian to bed. We stole a few quiet moments, or at least as quiet as possible for an R-M Family night. Adie and I “read” two books, which means we flipped through the books and he looked at the pictures while fighting off sleep. Pappa checked on us and turned off the light, which is Adie’s cue to turn over on my chest and snuggle in. He falls asleep almost immediately, which never ceases to amaze me. I held him and breathed in sweet baby smell until my brain slowed down and the stress tightened muscles in my neck and shoulders relaxed. I could feel my self start to unwind, uncoil from the tangled mess I'd become during my work week. After putting him in his crib, I joined the group for a fun filled game of Catchphrase. Despite Frederick cheating, we all had a great time.

Danny & I went to Marble Falls on Saturday to a bbq at a friend of my parents’ place. The mosquitos were vicious but the Jet Ski was awesome. I had never ridden a jet ski before and now I’m spoiled. It is a 2005 Kawasaki Jet Ski, three seater, virtually impossible to flip over. I loved it, and wanted to open it up to the 65mph that it can go but my father was riding with me and refused to hang on. I didn’t want to risk throwing him in the water since he was fully dressed in jeans, shirt and tennis shoes. Danny and I stayed for a few hours before heading back to Austin.

I had a quiet evening alone, eating some dinner and watching Belle du Jour the Martin Scorsese film starring Catherine Deneuve. I’m sure this film was scandalous in 1967 when it premiered. Watching this French movie made me appreciate the advances we’ve made in cinematography and production over the last 38 years. It’s an interesting and entertaining film, even with the choppy editing, sudden camera angle changes and English subtitles. The basic plot is this: lovely young woman marries handsome doctor. Wife can’t bring herself to sleep with husband. Wife has fantasies of other men, mostly in humiliating circumstances where she is mistreated and then ravaged. Wife becomes afternoon call girl in an upscale whorehouse. Wife has no problem sleeping with customers. Wife meets a man who ultimately disrupts her entire life. The hints of lesbianism with the madam, bondage, whipping and implied rough sex (they never actually show sex) all push the envelope enough to make me wonder how this movie was ever shown in the states in the 60’s. Americans are much more uptight than the French when it comes to sex.

Sunday found me at the Can as usual, filling burger orders on the patio. Cat came to visit and we all had a good time. Joel showed up with his cute friend in tow…I love it when hot men stop for kisses and conversation. Frank, who was on his way home from his business trip, called to say he threw a serpentine belt in Temple. Luckily he made it to a gas station next to an Auto Zone. He found the parts he needed and someone to install them, next to impossible on a Sunday evening. He beat me home since I left the bar late. Cross your fingers that he gets to close on the condo today. It has to be sometime early this week since we leave for El Paso on Thursday. Frank and I caught up, talking until we fell asleep. I woke up refreshed and feeling so much better than this time last week. I hope your weekend was equally therapeutic.

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