Thursday, August 11, 2005

Adie's Announcements & A Request for Java

I haven't seen my little prince since last week but the update from Daddy is that Adrian is not only walking unassisted, but also talking. His first word? "Uh-oh!" I'm sure it's most useful since he is brand new to walking. He's growing like a weed, too. I am firmly convinced he is the most beautiful 13 month old boy in the galaxy. I'm unsure about life outside the Milky Way and don't want to risk insulting any potentially hostile alien races by claiming he is the most beautiful one in the universe but it is still possible.

Adie will have a few more months of being an only child before his sibling comes to stay. That is, if the birth mother goes to a Texas hospital and the staff alerts CPS that she is in labor. Yes, if you hadn't already heard, Adie's birth mom is pregnant again. Must be hard to live on the streets while pregnant. It's hard enough to be pregnant in August in Texas when you only have to be in the heat while walking to and from your air conditioned vehicle. I'm hoping and praying that the birth mom is living clean and getting as much nutrition as possible. I'm wishing for a healthy baby brother or sister for Adie. The Daddies are wishing to win the Lotto, since daycare will now cost a grand a month. Sheesh! That's a business to get into, for any of you wanting to spread your career wings. But promise me you'll give Frederick & Jed a break on tuition.

In other news, Java in Illinois is preparing for an emergency c-section. She's only 6 1/2 months along, with her son estimated to be 2lbs, 3oz. Her blood pressure is not good and Java is in danger, so please send up prayers and well wishes for her and the safe delivery of a healthy baby. I don't care if you pray to God, Jehovah, Buddha, Mohammed, sacred Mother Earth, the Goddess, nature based spirits or whomever/whatever you worship. Any help is appreciated.


Juliabohemian said...

I'm confused. Are you planning to adopt the other baby or are you just concerned about what is going to happen to it or what?

Kaya said...

The Daddies are going to foster the baby before making any permanent decisions. In addition, the CPS system here in Texas has a mandatory fostering period prior to adopting any child. I'm all for adopting him/her but even though my opinion counts and is always considered, it's ultimately up to Frederick & Jed.

Juliabohemian said...

What do you mean "daddies" plural?

sorry, you must think I'm dumb.