Friday, August 19, 2005


I will have fun in Virginia when we're at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Only I won't be running. My training has not progressed enough to be able to safely race. I didn't maintain a regular schedule and now I'm paying the price. Instead, I'm going to give my hamstring time to fully recuperate and my poor right pinky toe time to decide if it's broken or just still badly bruised.

I'll be at the finish, camera in hand, to document Frank, Hang and Jason running across it. Nothing like athletes with personal papparazzi. I'll still get some of the amenities available to those with a running number: access to the food tent (hah!) and free entry to the concerts.

Am I disappointed? Sure. But it'll be all good when I'm dipping my toes in the ocean and listening to Frank talk about how his run went, how it felt when he crossed the finish. I can lean back on the sand, feeling the waves wash over my feet and think "life is good".


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHA...Another SELECTIVE notification!

Kaya said...

No one got notified on this posting. I simply posted it and decided that it would be read when I sent out an update email.