Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Half Marathon Training Update

We are now only weeks away from the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. I have not kept up with my training. The last time I ran, it was a 4 mile loop on Town Lake. It was over a week ago. And I did a lot of walking. It's safe to say that the half marathon is going to kick my booty. I will have increased my mileage before we arrive in Va. Beach, but I'm still not going to have an easy race. My time will suck, which is fine. I just want to cross the line and know that I ran, walked, crawled (whatever it takes) the 13.1 miles under my own power. I know I could've been better prepared, but going from the six month training for the Freescale Marathon, during which I fell after a holiday party and fractured a bone in my foot, forcing me to do the half marathon instead, to jumping straight into triathlon training which led to the brutal reality of that race day....well, I just plain didn't want to do any more training. I wanted a break. So I was lackadasical in my running program. And I'll pay the price with the sore feet and aching muscles on September 4th. And 5th. And 6th, and probably for a week or so afterward! My chiropractor loves me.

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