Monday, February 06, 2006

Besos Are a Lovely, Lovely Thing

Those of you who read my TMI post may have followed the comments, in which I revealed the details of a nightmare involving Joel, my gorgeous hunka hunka burning love echo tech friend. I had not one but two horrid dreams involving sexual frustration and, um, disgust. In the least awful of the two, Joel & I kissed and he was so repulsed by me that he threw up during the kiss. I guess I didn't have enough insecurity in my waking world so my subconscious decided to pile on the self-doubt and loathing. Ni-i-ice.

I saw Joel on Saturday night and just to set the record straight (no pun intended), not only did he kiss me, but he kissed me thoroughly. Let me say to all the educated and well bred gay men out there who possess a keen sense of humor and are gainfully employed, health conscious and love to dance: Run, don't walk, to Rainbow Cattle Company each weekend until you find Joel. He kisses mighty, mighty fine.

There's only one man I know whose kisses leave me happily breathless, but Joel mi amor, you are a close second.


Missychel said...

Yeah......I saw the kiss and it made me hot!! Where's the line start?

Anonymous said...

Give me a "s"
Give me an "l"
Gimme a "U"
Gimme a "t"

What's that spell??? (there's a reason the "u" is a CAP!

Anonymous said...


Its been many moons since I've kissed a WOMAN liked that. I wanted to show you another side of me instead of a horrid nightmare in your subconscious. (Hopefully your experience left you with a powerful surge of hormones!) hehe.. xo


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I am thoroughly disgusted to hear that the mother of my children is out tickling my coworker's uvula! I wasn't even invited (this is actually what I am mad about) Grin!! I hear that your kisses sent shock waves down his spine! I have to admit that I grabbed your roomie's chest twice this week so maybe we are starting to get close to even. I am not too sure however! I didn't get any tongue!! I know that we said that boys don't matter, but now I am all alone and jealous!! You are going to have to make it up to me!!! LOL As for the anonymous person who called you a slUt, they are just alone and jealous too! ;)

Amanda (Mander)

surly said...

Stunned and amazed

Kaya said...

My Amanda, you know your place in my heart is secure. I promise to drop down on one lacy black thigh high stockinged knee and beg your eternal forgiveness for not orchestrating The Kiss so that you could attend. It was spectacular, and I'm sorry you missed the viewing. I promise those that watched felt the heat rise, curling up through the center of their bodies, thundering in their veins. It was H.O.T.

As for my partner, next time feel up his bum. Rarrr!

:::throwing kisses:::
Remember, boys don't matter.