Friday, February 03, 2006

Baring Your Soul the 2006 Way

A friend of mine emailed me a link to Postsecret, a blog that solicits you to mail a postcard in with your true and never-been-shared-before secret to be posted as part of a "community art project". Of course, this community art project is paying off for someone, as there has already been a book released from the freely given postcards of secrets as well as an upcoming art showcase.

I scrolled down the page reading secrets which range from lighthearted to the downright tragic and was struck by the thought that for someone, seeing their most intimate and understandably undisclosed thoughts displayed in anonymous glory must surely be therapeutic. I read a few that were downright disturbing. Although I'll grudgingly admit there was at least two that hit home.

Give the site a glance and let me know if you identify with any of the postcards. I can honestly say that even though I did, I'll never tell which ones. I'd like to keep my therapy a bit more private.

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