Friday, February 17, 2006

Meat Beat Manifesto

My friend Rocket & I hung out at The Parish on 6th last night to catch the Meat Beat Manifesto show. I didn't know what to expect, as I'd heard of MBM but hadn't actually ever listened to their music. Rocket tried to explain their sound as a mix of a little bit of every genre, kind of a Heinz 57 of a band. Yeah, that wasn't quite right, either, but at least it guaranteed I'd attend the show with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. MBM is a pop culture AV electronic rock band. Two huge screens served as the backdrop for the stage and featured everything from video footage from movies or television to live webcam images of the band and audience on top of twisting graphics. It was a rock & roll marriage of audio and visual in a way that hasn't been done since Styx broke out with their Kilroy Was Here tour and had all of us singing along to Mr. Roboto. And just like the down with Big Brother theme of Kilroy Was Here, MBM did share their anti-establishment, learn to think for yourself views.

But how did they sound? MBM rocked. They not only rocked the house, they vibrated it. The low bass tones literally massaged you as the sound washed over, through, under and around you. At one point in the show I had the wild idea that if I leaned forward into the music, the heavy, pulsating sound waves would hold me up. It was as if you could feel the words they sang, like the lyrics were being written across your body as you grooved to the beat. And you grooved, oh yes you did. I couldn't have stayed still if you'd paid me.

So, you're dancing, your body is literally thrumming along with the sound and you're being educated as well. What more could you ask for? Your money's worth. This is a band that plays and plays and plays and finally exits the stage but of course returns for a curtain call. But instead of the usual one last song big hit kinda number, they play and play and play again.

If you're smacking yourself for missing this kickin' show, make sure you check out MBM's website for tour info. We should be seeing them back in Austin in the fall on the return leg of the tour. Don't you want to see if sound waves really can support your weight?

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favorite old niece said...

wow tia.. you are still livin the life. partying on a thursday... i havent done that in forever...
wish i could have been there...
9 days to go!!!