Monday, October 24, 2005

Now That the Kitchen is Packed, Of Course I Want to Cook!

I'm through packing up my kitchen in anticipation of the Big Move Out. No sooner did the boxes get taped up did my need to cook surface. I can think of so many things right now that sound fabulous and tasty and are spurring the crave to create a culinary delight. I want to make an omelet with spinach, tomato, roasted garlic and slices of the earthy smoked mozzarella from Whole Foods. While taking a pic of my beloved but rarely used hot pink Docs (pictured left) so I can post them on craigslist, I was hit with an urge to mix up a pitcher of refreshing and nicely alcoholic pomegranate champagne cocktails.

I'm jonesing for a bowl of warm from the oven spicy peach cobbler, topped with Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream. I'd stop packing the bathroom up if someone brought over everything I need to make a chicken alfredo pizza. I have been hit with a sudden yearning to learn how to make a fiery hot Thai curry. Or an authentic Indian curry. Or perhaps not a curry at all, but a batch of salsa so tasty and hot that despite the feeling that you may have blistered the roof of your mouth you just can't seem to stop yourself from grabbing another chip to dip.

I want to make ribs, tender and soaked in a citrusy chipotle barbecue sauce. I want to bake gooey and decadent chocolate heart of darkness cakes from the recipe I got off the Food Network's website years ago but have never used.

I'm sure that the longing to cook will remain with me until addressed. Until then, I will daydream my way through cakes and cornbread, roasted pork and rare steaks while finishing my packing.

What sudden crave were you hit with this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Wait til Vicki comes, if she comes, in November.....we will surely be getting together for a nice meal for the old times......


Missychel said... i'm starving!!

NICE boots. Yes, I too finally parted way with my metallic SILVER Docs. I was so sad to see them go and actually wished that I still had them. They walked a many bar-drunken miles. Miles accumilated both behind the bar, in front of the bar and even though i don't remember...i am sure ON TOP of a bar at some point.

I got my silver boots when I was living la vida loca in houston. They were half a size too small but the last pair and discontinued so being the slave to fashion I bought them. I suffered for the first few wears but after a few cocktails and my toes were numb there were no worries.

I don't even think I have a picture of me in my silver Docs. Too bad....i guess the warm memories i keep locked up in the vault will have to do.