Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back from El Paso

My boyfriend and I went to El Paso for the weekend. It was a very quick trip and like all quickies, we packed a lot into a little bit of time. This trip reinforced my belief that adult El Pasoans do not need sleep. There must be something in the water, a trickle of chemical goodness from the maquiladoras in Juarez that gives them the superhuman strength to survive on 3.4 hours of sleep. I did manage to stay up into the wee hours of Saturday morning, but I unashamedly crashed with the children on the couches in the living room on Saturday night. What can I say? I need my beauty rest.

Saturday was the big family event day, with two neices and a cousin getting baptised. Frank was asked to be Elena's padrino, with his sister Melissa as madrina. (That's godfather & godmother for you non-Spanish speaking Americans). I struggled through the sermon, with Father repeatedly preaching that a man and woman can get married and be a couple, be in a committed relationship but it isn't a family until they have kids. WTH? What if you can't have kids and for some reason are unable to adopt? Then you don't get to be classified as a "family"? Whatever. Anyway, I was glad when he finished the sermon and moved on to the actual baptisms. They were nicely done, with the older kids first and then the baby. The only one who struggled was Gia, the toddler. She is absolutely beautiful and complete demon spawn. This gorgeous kiddo beats up on her older brother and when admonished will simply look at you and smile a beautiful, "yes, I'm misbehaving but aren't I the sweetest" smile. I'm certain the holy water burned her. Desiree, on the other hand, was completely well behaved during her baptism. I had bribed her before the service. I promised if she was the most well behaved child in church I'd give her a dollar. Aside from Elena, who was a perfect baby, Desi earned her money. It went into her piggy bank as soon as we got home. Elena was so sweet during her baptism. She was happy and content in Frank's arms.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating with family. There was a table full of food, everything from brisket to hot dogs and hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, nachos, chips and salsa, frijoles, cake...so much food! The salsa was wonderful. Frank's mom makes the best homemade chile, as they call salsa in El Paso. It was flavorful and so hot that I thought the roof of my mouth was going to blister. I couldn't stop eating it, it was so good. Luckily there was also plenty of iced down cerveza. Yes, I know you're supposed to drink milk to stop the burning from hot peppers, but I chose to ignore that advice and grab a cold beer. Or two. Or four. The entire day was one huge party, with the kids playing in and out of the house, driving us crazy with the number of times we had to yell "close the door!". The dining room table turned into a card game and the rest of us spilled over into the living room and back room, watching movies and talking. You know we had to raise a glass to the Longhorn's victory over OU. Or should I say slaughter?

Sunday was spent a little more quietly, having a late breakfast with the family, yummy chorizo and eggs that Frank's dad made along with refried beans and, of course, chile. Mmmmm! Frank and I visited with his grandparents for a little while, too. His grandfather was teasing me that since I didn't make any menudo on this trip he is expecting me to make it when we come for Christmas. I also was told in no uncertain terms that if I'm going to be a part of this family I need to learn Spanish. Who can say no to Grandpa? The patriarch of the familia cannot be denied! I assured him I'd look into lessons. My Spanish is pretty horrible. I did speak my one sentence that I know well to Grandpa. "Yo hablo EspaƱol, pero muy poquito y muy mal." He was happy that I said it in Spanish but will be happier when I can have a conversation without Frank needing to translate for me. We left to make a fast appearance at the church bazaar and say goodbye to the parents, who were working booths there before heading off to the airport. As always, it was hard to say goodbye. We promised that we'd stay longer on our next visit.

I ended up with a serious migraine on Monday, but today it's all good. I'm back at work and attempting to clear off my desk. How was your weekend?


Juliabohemian said...

I take it you aren't Catholic?
I am not either. I am Christian. But, I was baptized Catholic as an infant. Their ways are strange to me. That sermon about the family is totally bogus.

Kaya said...

Not only am I Catholic, but my mother was a nun for many years before leaving the convent and meeting my father. Strange world.

TwinKim said...

Your weekend sounds jam packed but fun. I can't imagine not being able to talk to my in laws although sometimes when I do talk, it sure doesn't seem like we are communicating!!

With all of your food descriptions, I'm ready for good Tex Mex! Time to make my wish list.

Frederick Reinhardt said...

Yo qiero Taco Bell.

Juliabohemian said...

okay, that is strange. How many of us can say THAT?

Javier Tadefa said...
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