Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hell is Cooler Than My Apartment

It is our 8th day of expected triple digits, with the last few days going between 104º and 108º. I was happy getting off work yesterday, knowing I'd be going home to a cool apartment since the maintenance guys called to say the a/c was repaired. Stepping through the doorway, my euphoria evaporated as I realized the maintenance guys were wrong. The temperature was above 90º, and stuffy. I called my boyfriend, on the verge of tears, and told him I was headed back to his condo, you know, the one with the fabulous air conditioning. I called my complex's office and reported that it was hotter than hell in my apartment. The manager took my call, and immediately lost her friendly, girl talk voice (I've lived there long enough to have a good rapport with the office staff) and took on the ultra professional tone. She ma'am'd me so much I thought my mother was in the room. I know she was worried that I would completely overheat and take it out on her. Despite the urge to do so, and ignoring the trickle of sweat down the small of my back, I politely asked if the maintenance men could fix my a/c and then double check that it was working before claiming that it is functional this time.

Since I was already sweaty and hot, I took the time to snap pics of the furniture in my garage. I'm selling an ancient bedroom set (vanity, chest of drawers, headboard & footboard) and an antique vanity that is a beautiful art deco styled solid wood piece. The difference between "ancient" and "antique"? The ancient set is antique, probably about 50-60 years old but so worn out and in need of repair that I'll be lucky to get $75 for the set. The antique vanity is very, very nice and I'm hoping for $250, although it's worth more. Art deco isn't quite the style these days, or I'd make more on that sale.

So here I am at work, in my office with no less than 3 a/c vents. I'm chilly and keep getting goose bumps but I'm not complaining at all. It's better than being hot. I had a good night's rest at Frank's home, which calmed me down and tempered my frustration. I'm waiting for an update on my a/c so I'll know if I'm going home or back to the condo tonight. Hope all of ya'll are staying cool. And as for my twin, in the 60º weather in St.'s a great place to visit. Besos!


Juliabohemian said...

that's funny. As early as February and March here in SO CAL I will take the kids to the beach. My sister, who lives in Minnesota, will tell me that it is like -15 degrees and I will say "funny, I took the kids to the beach today."

Frederick Reinhardt said...

HOORAY for the cold front tomorrow though!!! I'll be busting out the sweaters tonight...83 tomorrow...BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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