Friday, September 23, 2005

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

Unlike the Beatles song, none of us in Texas are thinking Rita is anything but one ugly looking bitch. The hurricane hysteria hit Austin two days ago. Of course, this was when the predicted path of the storm was to hit Galveston and journey North to us. Now, we’ll be spared the brunt of it’s rain bands and nasty stormy weather. Austin City Limits Festival will go on as planned, as will Pecan Street Festival this weekend. It should be a good time for all the people wanting to hear live music in Austin, where we bill ourselves as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Strange to think we'll be able to have a good weekend when only an hour's drive away will be torrential rain, wind and possible flooding.

The early reports cautioned us to buy bottled water, flashlights, batteries, nonperishable foods that don't need heating and other comfort items. I went to Whole Foods yesterday to buy peanut butter, bread, water and a few other things. I got one of the last tubs of their freshly ground peanut butter. The sign on the grinders said they were out of peanuts but a resourceful employee had made a caseful of the peanut, cashew and almond butters. I couldn't score any bottled water, as they were completely out. The only loaves of bread were two of rye and four of white. I passed up the white, thinking either the half loaf of 100% whole wheat that I have left will last us or I'll luck out at another grocery store. Hah! The picture is of one of our large HEB grocery stores' bread aisle. Even the tortillas are gone, with the exception being the boxed hard corn taco shells. I always find those funny since most Hispanics will make their own taco shells from fresh corn tortillas instead of going for the Taco Bell premade version. But my family also refers to store bought tortillas as "alien tortillas", too. At any rate, the bread, cereal, tuna, peanut butter and milk aisles of HEB all look the same: bare.

Hopefully Rita will hit land and immediately deflate. She'll definitely weaken, but I'm hoping for a huge, anti-climactic fizzling out of her fury.

And thank you, Frederick for letting me bogart your pic to use in my blog.


Juliabohemian said...

I'm geographically challenged. Is Austin that far away from where the storm is going to hit? I know Texas is really big, Like California you could drive all day and still be in the state!

Kaya said...

Austin, the state capitol, is in the lower central portion of the state. We were far enough west of Rita to avoid the storms. In fact, it was hot and sunny all the tune of 108ยบ, a record breaking temp. It was our fifth day of triple digits, which is better than in years past.

Frederick Reinhardt said...

Too bad you didn't use the best pictures...I thought the picture of the "bean" aisle was much funnier!

Kaya said...

I loved the long row of empty shelves in this one, although the "bean" aisle was was the peanut butter aisle. Nothing but a lone jar or two of p'butter left.