Monday, September 12, 2005

Ultimate Fighter

I almost forgot to mention one highlight of my weekend: watching the Ultimate Fighter 2 on Spike TV. Now I know this is not your usual chick flick fare. But if you're a woman who feigns interest in the Strongman competitions that your boyfriend or husband is enthusiastically into while secretly harboring a love for them, you'll enjoy the UF shows. It's street fighting at it's best, with all the erotic wrestling holds of the professional sport combined with face slapping hits, kidney punches and kicking. Frank tuned in and within minutes I was out of my couch potato reclining pose and literally on the edge of my seat cheering for my favorite, the 6' 7" Big Strong Man Whose Name Escapes Me. I saw more faces buried in crotches than imaginable. It was thrilling, hot and testosterone kinky, kind of what you'd expect if the WWF had an ecstasy problem as opposed to a steroid problem. Check it out on Spike TV tonight at 10pm CST/11pm EST. Where else can you hear commentary such as "He is really good with submissions" while you watch a burly man wrap his thighs around his opponent's neck? Ummm....on second thought, don't answer that! I can find the Chain Drive all on my own if I want to, thanks.


Jessee said...

Hot bods, muscles, crotches, sweat, sign me up!!!

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