Monday, September 26, 2005

Ahhhh, the balmy days of fall in Central Texas!

We are expecting our sixth day of record heat in Austin. By record heat I mean triple digits. Yup, other states are enjoying cooler weather and leaves beginning to turn pretty colors while we are roasting at a high yesterday of 108º and watching our leaves are turning brown from lack of water. I worked at The Can yesterday, flipping burgers over a hot BBQ pit and didn't realize just how hot it had gotten until I was slightly delirious and my face was glowing red. After Gatorade, ice water, Sprite and a break from the grill I recovered and felt much better.

Once my shift at the bar was over, I headed home, anxious to get into a cool shower, clean up and relax. I fell asleep early but woke up at 2:30am wondering why I was so hot. My first thought was that I had gotten a sunburn but a quick inspection in the mirror confirmed that although I did have pink cheeks, I didn't have a significant burn. Experiencing a sinking feeling, I checked my a/c temps. Uh huh. My apartment was a toasty 85º even though the thermostat was set for ten degrees cooler. I turned it off for a bit, then back on. No luck. I tossed and turned under my ceiling fan for a while until finally having my one bright idea of the wee hours. Going to the fridge, I pulled cold packs out. The same cold packs that my leg muscles loved during training season saved me again. It felt heavenly sleeping on them. I woke up feeling fairly well-rested despite the fact that my apartment was now warmer than the outdoors. After another cool shower I headed to work, loving the fact that my car's a/c was so cold it was giving me goose bumps.

I dutifully notified my apartment complex and they're sending maintenance out. I'll call later to find out if it was fixed or if I'm facing another night of heat. Just in case, I packed a bag. There's no way I'm sleeping in a hot apartment another night, cold packs or not! Ooooh, now would be a fabulous time to find those red popsicles!


Juliabohemian said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your A/C isn't working. Mine is broken and we can't afford to fix it. We have suffered through the last 2 summers without it. Hopefully, yours is a little cheaper to fix. Ours needs to be rewired completely.

Frederick Reinhardt said...

110 isn't that hot when you're out in it watching good fact, the heat was a welcomed friend...the DUST from the parched ground, on the other hand, SUCKS!!! I just want to take a quick minute to mention that ACL was the absolute BESTEST planned outdoor event (despite the heat & dust) I've ever attended. With the port-a-john's nearing the 1000 mark, you were never looking for an empty (or clean) place to poo. The food was excellent...and the bands rocked the house. The "Geek in Pink" is my new found idol...will you marry me???

Kaya said...

I'm happy to note that the ACL fest had plenty o'clean port-a-johns for your use. I am much more intrigued with the use of apples as a makeshift bong for the teen & young adult crowd. What will they think of next?! But the fest is over until next year, when for all I know, there will be enterprising young pot dealers sponsoring a fruit stand. The smokers could then take their pick of apple flavored ganja, orange toned mary jane or even a delicate Asian pear infused pot.

Today's high was only 107 degrees. Jim Spencer, my favorite local weatherman, assures me that the cold front is hitting in the next day or two and we will see highs in only the 80's. I started to doubt, but then remembered the One Big Rule in Texas. "Texas weather is like Texas politics. If you don't like it, just wait a while. It'll change."

TwinKim said...

I feel for you with the hot temps! We're having a cold front and I had goosebumps walking in to work today. It was 62 degrees this morning, although we are supposed to be at 77 by noon. Sure you don't want to move to St. Louis?

Any update on your air conditioner? I'm assuming your apartment complex takes care of the repair?