Monday, July 11, 2005

Silicon Labs Marathon Relay Pics

This just in...fabu pics from the 4th of July Marathon Relay. Apparently the photographers were entranced by Leslie. Numerous photos of her plus some girl-on-girl bibbing that grabbed at least one photog's attention. Love the pic of Frank---check out those legs! All of us look fresh & lovely even though were were secretly melting in the summer heat. Here is the link for you to enjoy these action photos .


Kaya said...

Heard from Corriana that the link for the pics wasn't working. I've corrected it and you should be able to view them. If not, e-me and I'll send you the link privately.

Estelle said...

yeah, still can't see em but no bother.
See, I'm reading, like I said I would! As my hellaciously pregnant wife lays (or is it lies? for a teacher you'd think I could get this right!) on the bed waiting for me to come watch Leno with her