Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"My friends are my estate."

"My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them." Emily Dickinson's words completely reflect how I feel about all of you. And for those friends of mine who have no idea who Emily Dickinson is and when she may have said this to me, I forgive you and love you anyway. :-)

Today dawns brighter not only because I've turned my attitude around, but also because of the kind words posted by my friends, many of whom share the same name: Anonymous. Just like identical twins that you learn the differences between in order to tell them apart, I know who posted what...and thank you all. I realize I have made huge advances this year and am thankful for the changes they've wrought in my life. I relish the changes in your lives as well. I vow to wear short skirts more often and to eat some chocolate today, even if it isn't ice cream. And as for my boyfriend doing something to make me feel better...all I have to do is look at his extremely sexxxy legs and I feel fine, just fine. Just as fine as I do when he hugs me and whispers the words that mean so much: "You need a shower, cabrona." God, I adore that man!

I have a big shout out to Estelle, who is at a birthing center hopefully holding her new baby and lavishing love on Jean for the hours of labor she's endured. Estelle, I'm holding my breath, hands hovering over the keyboard, religiously checking your blog to find out if you have a daughter or a son. As soon as I figure out HTML I'll post a link to your's on mine. I thought I had it done but it'll show up in preview but not on the regular view. ??? This is what happens when the first time you ever saw a computer you were over the age of 19. I am soooo behind the times.

I ran yesterday...the best three miles I've had since earlier in the spring. The first mile was great, I ran most of it and only walked a little. The second mile was probably half running and half walking. The 101ยบ heat index combined with my rising body temp pretty much killed most of the running in the last mile. I guess I could've done the sunniest mile first and maybe had a different result. At any rate, my pace time sucked hugely, at 20 minutes a mile average. I'm convinced the last mile took me over a half hour to was so hot I could feel my heart beat in my temples. Even with the heat, and my hamstring aching, and my left foot (the one I hurt in December) aching, it was still the best run in a long, long time. How? Because when I was running (which was cooler than walking, with the air moving past me) it felt comfortable and easy and right. I was in my running groove. And the trail at Town Lake wasn't crowded, since the heat was so bad. I only had two close calls with mountain bikers and one with a dog whose owner had not a freakin' clue about trail courtesy and was allowing him to wander all over the trail thus making runners either leap his chain (which I saw one guy do) or wait until the dog moved back to the side before passing. I, of course, used the dog-waiting-time as a walk break until I stopped feeling my blood pressure in my head. It's all good.

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Estelle said...

You got the HTML down! Great!
We're still waiting... very impatiently. Marian promised me a baby tonight, dammit!