Monday, July 25, 2005

Birthday Month is Winding Down

I celebrated the heck out of my birthday this year. This weekend we had birthday bowl-a-rama. Frederick, Jed, Leslie, Caley and I bowled with Darla watching and being the primary Keeper of the Kid. Adrian started off this week with a new round of pink eye and now Darla is convinced she'll be next. Wash your hands, people. Wash your hands.

As is our custom, we did not use our real names for the game. Instead, our screen was a poster board for 80's pop singers or bands. Instead of Kay, I was Wham!. We had Tears for Fears, Pat Benatar, Culture Club and A Flock of Seagulls. We also remembered to start off with our official team cheer but forgot to repeat it before our second game. Our team cheer is ripped off from the Wonder Twins. "Wonder Team powers activate! Form of..." and you go around the circle, each person filling in the blank with whatever image comes to mind. Giant waves and dinosaurs are popular. We totally forgot to end with the communal "And a bucket of water", which I'm blaming for my poor score. Next time, I want our screen names to be famous villains. I'm not sure if I want to be Malificent from Sleeping Beauty or Akasha from Anne Rice's The Queen of the Damned.

Saturday night was spent celebrating someone else's birthday. Todd had his party at the Red Scoot-Inn, a Tejano club on the East side that has a large patio to rent. The beers were cold and cheap and the live music on the patio was fabulous. I extremely enjoyed Steamroller, who delivered some solid rock & roll. Happy birthday, Todd! 'Chelle, you did a great job pulling together the Hittner ist Bach bash. Fun times indeed.

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