Thursday, July 28, 2005

In Pursuit of Silver Shoes

Today is a much better day. I practiced enough Lamaze breathing yesterday to lower my blood pressure. I'm not terribly happy but I'm calm. Beggars can't be choosers. Instead of sinking further into my inner turmoil, I focused all my energy on the pursuit of silver shoes. I need silver shoes for a wedding next weekend. Yes, it is the last minute. I hate to shop unless it is Central Market or Whole Foods.

My problem is that I can't safely walk in the narrow heeled pretty strappy sandal variety of shoes. I need a heel wider than the width of a pencil eraser in order to be able to walk without fear of spraining an ankle. Seriously, put me in narrow heels, even ones that aren't so high, and my ankles wobble like they're rubber bands. Unfortunately, most of the cute shoes out there in silver do not come with wider heels. And a lot of the silver shoes out there look just like the local strip club has been pre-ordering for the fall season. I saw more lucite heels and rhinestone studded straps in Highland Mall than I’ve ever seen on drag queens at Charlie's.

If I end up with a shorter heel, I have to hem my bridesmaid dress. At $35 for alterations, this is not an attractive option. I don't want to have to pay out more money toward an outfit I'm never going to wear again. So...I may just have to go back to the one store with a silver shoe sporting a chunky 3 1/2" heel. I may be able to get away with not hemming the dress if I have a 3 1/2" heeled shoe. This one isn't a strappy sandal like I wanted but the price is right: inexpensive. The toe is rounded and has a short, covered toe box...a strap across the foot and an ankle strap as well. They are kind of silver satin covered ballroom dance looking shoes. Not too bad. I can always pretend that I saw Jennifer Lopez wear something similar in "Shall We Dance". I'll probably search all over another mall tonight and then return to the store for them only to find my size sold out. My luck!

I almost bought a Hello Kitty purse just to make myself feel better. A co-worker told me she owns one and although I've never seen her's, this one was too cute. A small denim purse with a cheerfully pink Hello Kitty. I needed a feel good purchase, wanted a feel good purchase, demanded a feel good purchase! Alas, no Hello Kitty purse for me at this time. Perhaps I'll find a different feel good purchase at the mall tonight when I'm back on the prowl for silver shoes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaya....
Good luck on the silver shoes....I don't own any or I would loan you mine!

Kaya said...

Ooooh wait until you see these shoes, PC! To make it even better, these $14.99 beauties were on "Red Dot Clearance" and with tax cost me only $4.30. They actually don't look as cheap as they are...and nobody's really going to see them anyway. My dress is the perfect length with them! No hemming---Yay!

Lizy said...

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