Tuesday, October 05, 2010



What I really want to talk about today is beer.  Beer in all its beautiful, beery goodness, like 512 Brewing Pecan Porter pictured above (apologies for the dismal quality photo), Oaktoberfest from Live Oak Brewing, and Oktoberfest from Shiner.  All of these are recently quaffed, greatly enjoyed beers.  I love this time of year because it means a good number of seasonals from local breweries.  I tend to be somewhat ADD in my beverage choices, zinging back and forth between lighter flavors and deeper ones.  October is a beer month that completely plays into my drinking style.  I have a list of more beers to sample, but if you have a "must drink" local brew, please let me know in comments so that I, too, may partake of its deliciousness.

Alas, I am too exhausted to write about beer.  I need sleep.  I need sleep like an armadillo needs to be spray painted glow-in-the-dark neon colors.  What?  Obviously, this will give the armadillo a competitive edge when crossing a dark Texas highway.  I believe it may also reduce drunk driving, since if I left happy hour and saw a neon green armadillo streak across Hwy. 71, I would damn sure pull over and call a sober friend to pick me up.

Sunday night I had action dreams all night long.  I enjoy a rambunctious movie as much as the next woman, but dreaming of running around in the dark with my task force of fellow vampire killers (with ultra cool automatic weapons equipped with UV bullets) meant waking up worn out.  I dragged through my very busy work day and ended up with the caffeine shakes in the late afternoon.  I was determined to go to bed early Monday night.

My hope of getting a solid night's sleep died a little after midnight, when Ryder woke up with a tummy ache.  At least we think it was a tummy ache...can't quite tell when you're dealing with a child who's most advanced word is "door".  He tossed and turned and cried out and grunted and, after a dose of Mylicon, made a few other loud noises, all of which were repeated at 3am and 5am.  At the barest crack of dawn, Ryder decided he was up for the day, smiling and happy.  Of course.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to find out where I can buy a case of 5 Hour Energy and dashing off an e-mail to Uncle Billy's telling them that the breakfast crowd would love their Insomniac Coffee Stout.

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