Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tempting Tastings

Over the last week I've managed to taste a fair number of delicious dishes.  Let me stop right here, before I write another sentence and implore you to do one thing, and to do it very, very soon.  Go to Urban, located in the Westin at The Domain, and order anything you want, as long as it includes the sweet corn bisque and finishes (or starts!) with the avocado tres leches cake.  Yes, I said avocado.  Tres leches is always a favorite but the addition of avocado gave it a little special "oomph".  If I'd had to taste this blindfolded and guess the mystery ingredient, there is no way I would've come up with avocado.  It is more of a deepening of flavors, of richness and buttery goodness than "hey, I just ate a mouthful of cakey guacamole".
The sweet corn bisque is equally rich and enticing, served with a roasted corn pico de gallo on top.  The first spoonful is sweet, silky goodness with a surprising rush of heat from the spices.  This is no demure damsel of a bisque!  I could happily eat it until I pass out.

Because I am a low/highbrow foodie (thanks for coining that phrase Tolly!), I have to include my favorite lunch last week.  Behold, I give you the newest creation on Hat Creek's menu, their Turkey Burger, a juicy, peppered patty, grilled to perfection.  It rocked my noontime.  It could rock my eveningtime, if Hat Creek would please open a restaurant in South Austin.  My picture doesn't do justice to this burger, as I didn't get a great angle of a shot, to showcase the patty, but I was just too eager to eat it and didn't stop to snap more photos.
Lift Cafe has a sweet little patio where you can sip a bevie (alcoholic or caffeinated or both) and relax.  The day I stopped in, a friend and I ordered this pretty cheese plate.  Divine. 
And in celebration of stinky cheese (not that we had a stinky one on our cheese plate), I give you a different kind of treat.  A "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat".  Well, if you're a toddler who thinks feet are good to eat, that is.


Optimista said...

I have been loving the menu overhaul at Lift! Their breakfast tacos are AWESOME - particularly the one with brie (the Frenchman, I think it's called?)

Linda said...

favorite line:

It is more of a deepening of flavors, of richness and buttery goodness than "hey, I just ate a mouthful of cakey guacamole".