Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby's Moving, Moving, Moving

Little no-first-name-yet Baby (Something) Joseph Dilworth is moving around a lot these days. It's really odd, feeling this movement inside me where normally stuff wouldn't be making motion.

In the beginning it was light, delicate movements. I never felt the "bubbles" that some women describe or the "butterflies". The first few times I felt him move it was more of a quick, sudden sensation. I imagine it like this: you're gazing into a creek or shallow pond watching minnows. Suddenly, a minnow darts an inch one way, then the other, then stops. That "darting" is what I thought of when I felt my baby move. Uh huh. I did just compare my baby to a fish.

Now that I'm farther along (5 1/2 months) he is more like a large, involuntary muscle spasm. You know how it feels when your calf or thigh or some other muscle suddenly twitches? That's what it feels like a lot of the time. Only I'm having these muscle twitch feelings in a place where you don't have muscle. He's also perfected his total body roll, which, for a split second makes me feel motion sick. I encourage the tumbling action since he won't have room for that soon. The boy is growing!

I've learned that orange juice really pushes him into action. Totally hyperactive in utero. He better enjoy that o.j. now because this mama has learned her lesson. He won't be drinking any until he's a teenager. I'll utilize fresh squeezed juice as my version of a Red Bull. Anything to get him to cut the lawn. Daddy & I will be too old and infirm by then to navigate our property with dangerous equipment. ;-) That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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