Thursday, October 16, 2008

Training Envy

I'm working at a mini-expo at Austin Fit this weekend for their Rock 'n Roll & AT&T marathon training groups. I love to be around my runner & walker friends. The energy is amazing. I'm also heading up a water stop next week for the R&R training group's long run (21 miler!). I've been reading a training blog of a fellow Austinite who's getting prepped and psyched up for the Komen 60 miles in 3 days race. Exciting!!

And it's making me envious that I'm not training for something. Well, something other than cooking up a healthy baby. Realistically, I'm way too tired after working an 8 hour day to day anything but a few tasks around the house (laundry, dinner) and then head for bed. I wonder if twentysomething mama's to be are as tired as I am or if this is a byproduct of being "advanced maternal age"?

I rubbed elbows with runners, duathletes, triathletes (even some Ironman triathletes) and bootcampers last night at Bettysport's anniversary happy hour. I really love the Austin athletic community. They're so...nice. As a girl who's fought the chub all her fricken life I'll admit that my opinion of healthy, athletic types wasn't always a good one. When you're the last one chosen for a team in P.E. class throughout your formative 12 years of schoolin' you just don't feel all warm & fuzzy about athletes. Lucky me, when I started my late-in-life quest to join the ranks of runners and such I was profoundly grateful to find that the experienced athletic community in Austin is supportive and friendly and warm to beginners. (Besides, we make y'all look even better when we run slow and all ungraceful-like.)

But all this exposure to the fit & happy crowd has really started me thinking about my post-baby goals. You know, the ones aside from breastfeeding, healthy baby checkups, learning how to use cloth diapers if I choose and all that fun OMG we're really parents stuff. I know that I'll be itching to get back to my neverending goal of shaping up. I need to look at fun races in the fall and then set up a training schedule that won't leave me feeling overwhelmed. After all, I will be a new mom.


(F)redddy said...

I hate to dash your hopes of ever getting in shape. But you're clearly delusional if you think you're going to have time to work on that after baby. You'll be lucky to find time to wipe your butt much less stretch your hamstring. Welcome to the world of fatties. Explosion of clothing in the living room IS the new black.

Missychel said...

shut it freddy!!......register for a really nice baby jogger and get your ass out there. If Jeff can manage to do it with Sean in tow I know you can. Look at Sean now.....6 years later he smokes us all and he's what?....10?

TwinKim said...

Successful new parent life is all about staying organized. However, babies don't know the rules so be flexible!! A jogger is a good idea and it lets baby get out of the house, too. I don't know about the cloth diapers, though. Good idea, bad execution. If you try it, definitely go for a diaper service. Nothing more disgusting than washing those things out!