Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Babydaddy's A Rockstar

Not only do I think he's supremely talented but so do music industry folks. Jaime's band SuperCrash is slated to be one of the openers for Great White at this week's Gonzalez Thunder Rally. It's bound to be a fun weekend with great rock & roll, food and fun. Bret Michaels will be there on Saturday as part of his Rock of Love Tour.
It won't be all music all the time. Saturday has biker games including a "race" where the slowest to finish wins. Must be pretty hard to ride slowly on a bike and not lay it down. There's a comptetitive bike build off and even a shopping area with vendors selling everything from jewelry to handmade leather goods. My friend Leigh of Leighelena will be there with her wonderful enamel jewelry selection. I'll be coming home with some new pretty gift for me, guaranteed.
Come out and have fun with me this weekend at the rally. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and are inexpensive considering you've got some huge acts along with many more great Central Texas rock & roll bands. There's even VIP packages available that include backstage passes, private restroom facilities and food. What's not to love?


(F)redddy said...

I love Gonzalez, for reals. There was a time I wanted to move there.

Kay said...

Ugh. No more. The Gonzalez PD was stopping bikers as they rode into town and telling them they couldn't wear their bike club colors (including the group that are Marine Corps bikers) and that they didn't want "their kind" in their town. If they don't want bikers they sure as hell won't want gays.