Thursday, August 28, 2008

Addicted to Project Runway

It's true. I'm addicted to Project Runway. Which is amusing because I'm a fashion mess. However poorly dressed I may be, at least I'm fairly easy to get along with and play nicely with others. And that's a trait that many of the designers don't possess.

Spoiler Alert!! If you haven't watched your Tivo'd or DVR'd episode for this week, do not read any further. You will find out who won and who lost and you'll be angry at me. So please, stop reading, go back to work or doing whatever it is that you may otherwise be doing. Thank you!

In this week's episode we had all the Type A designers in total twisted panty mode, flipping out over trying to make an outfit out of things used to make Saturn cars. It actually turned out quite well for most of them. A few were downright spectacular, including the winning dress and a fabulous 60's style coat dress. What do you think of Leanne's winning black car seat leather dress with the neckline edged in fringed seatbelt? I think it rocks!

Anyway, each week I'm glued to the television, laughing over the drama and eye rolling the horrible designs. As if I could do better. I'm just happy that Suede finally stopped referring to himself in the third person (it's true! Last night he said "I"). And I'm waiting for the day when Kenley's true colors are revealed to all. She's the cutie pie all American retro girl next door who looks sweet as gumdrops and Southern tea. Hah! I predict she's the most cut throat of them all, who will laugh happily at any signs of backstabbing.

I was happy that Keith went home this week. He has not shown much diversity (a key word this season) although he did at least have more imagination than Daniel (kicked off last week). Next up is Stella, although she may surprise me and outlast Blayne. Stella strikes me as more hungry for this than tanorexic Blayne, so she may pull off something magnificent next week. Of course that would be after she spends the weekend with a few bottles of Jack, chainsmoking and talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Her boyfriend who's nicknamed "Ratbone". I love this show.

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