Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hypocrites and Double Lives

The recent scandal involving Ted Haggard, the leader of the evangelical New Life Church in Colorado Springs is still news in my community. A lot of the discussion centers on the opinion that straight men cheating on their spouses are dogs no matter what gender they've chosen for their affair. The rest of it is evenly split between laughing over a hypocrite leading a double life who ignored the "hell hath no fury like a homo scorned" adage and the humorous fodder floating around the internet in the form of videos posted on google or youtube. One of my favorites is from a CBC Canada talk show and is titled "Meth and Man Ass". There's also a funny one on youtube that splices various pics of Haggard into a Village People video of, you guessed it, "Macho Man".

What was Haggard thinking? That he could have secret liasons with a gay man for years and still be the voice of Coloradoans against gay marriage? Ted, honey, you pissed off the wrong "massage therapist" which in the gay world isn't always but a lot of the time can be a euphemism for prostitute. And since Mike Jones (see pic here) has publicly declared his rent boy status, we can be sure the only massaging going on was strictly for a happy ending. And, jeez, you conducted the rendezvous for several years, which in the gay male world positively qualifies you as an old married couple. Now that is hypocrisy.

I think about his wife and five kids, who undoubtedly had to be angry and confused, but also completely humiliated that their high profile Christian leader of a husband and father engaged in activity they believe is sinful and evil and had the information splashed across the national news and internet. I feel badly for his 14,000 member congregation, especially those attending the CrossCurrent group.

CrossCurrent is an 8 week "Christ centered group" for adults looking for healing and direction in the areas of sexuality and relationships. They offer a "safe place" to deal with feelings of homosexuality. Gee, Ted, it might've been safer to explore your homocentric nature at one of the group meetings than in Mike's bedroom. I'm betting some Mo's have left your CrossCurrent group and aren't going to show up at a church service anytime soon.


Frederick Reinhardt said...

I would like to go on record saying that I AM a massage therapist that DOES NOT give "happy endings"!

Kaya said...

Yeah, but since the only person I know of that you practice your techniques on is Jed...well, ummm, yeah, happy endings.

Amanda Barras :) said...

Amen sister!