Wednesday, October 11, 2006

News Zone

My top news stories of the day:
  • Men delay medical care when there's a game on television.
  • A high school biology and earth science teacher is charged with B&E of a 100 year old grave and contributing to the delinquency of minors after photographing them holding human remains.
  • A toll free number for Ohio's Medicaid program refers callers to a phone sex company. Enraged seniors lobby Medicare for similar program. Just kidding on that last part, but wouldn't it be funny? Aging Baby Boomers clamoring for covered verbal porn.
  • Opepay antsway otay ingbray ackbay Atinlay Assmay: Ben takes church back five steps
  • And in a story that warms the heart of this grammar & spelling queen, a Michigan county will be shelling out $40k to correct ballots for the November elections. They left out an important letter in one word.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I worked for what I sometimes typed as the LBJ School of Pubic Affairs--not no untrue I'm thinking...!

Val said...

Clearly, Pope Ben is attempting to appeal to the vast mob of Classics students and Latin geeks. I'm glad someone is! ;)