Thursday, May 25, 2006

Livin' La Vida Rainbow in El Paso

One of the nights I was in EP, we did a quickie visit of a few gay bars. As it was unplanned and I was still in grungy shorts and a tee, I worried a bit about my appearance. I hadn't even checked my makeup before leaving the house. But, riding high on the Tampico and rum I'd had at Grandma's house, I suddenly decided it was quite all right if I was looking rumpled. After all, the People Who Matter in El Paso already like me just fine.

Our first stop was at the Mining Company, who's formal name is something like The San Antonio Mining Company. It was fairly well packed, with a crowd that encompassed all genres. I saw pretty people and not so, well dressed and not so, happy and well, not so. There was at least one bored looking go go boy. My thought was that the bar had potential. We weren't there long enough for me to do much but talk to one cute gay man about Austin. He was amazed that I'd actually left our fair city to visit El Paso. The best thing I can say about the Mining Company is that parking is easy to come by.

Next stop, The Whatever Lounge. Ever wonder what it would be like if 'Bout Time turned Tejano? It would be TWL. We did meet a cute but desperately sober dyke who was the designated driver for her group of friends. She let me try on her nifty silver ring that looked like armor, hinged in three places to bend with your knuckles. It made me think of brass knuckles, only white shiny and single instead of plural. Her very intoxicated flaming friend was celebrating a birthday in high style. We bought him a shot. Overall TWL was friendly even though I wasn't at my most comfortable there. Just wasn't my scene.

Last bar of the night was the Briar Patch, one of the few establishments with a website. EP just isn't very wired yet. The website boasts "El Paso's Only Garden Patio. Refrigerated Air, plenty of well lit parking, makes our bar truly UNIQUE." Ummm...the a/c worked fine but with construction going on nearby the parking was not very convenient. The website goes on to boast "The Briar Patch Fifth Straight Award Winner of the Southwest Pride Parade". I looked at the picture of people carrying individual banners of ROYGBIV colors and wondered which ones were straight and which were gay. Just kiddin'. I did find the wording amusing. Unfortunately my eyes dropped to the next line of type and shuddered. People! If you are going to have a public website please use spell check. "Experaince the big city atmosphere in a small town. Beautiful Appointments." Yes, I am a spelling queen. It's not the size of the word, it's if you did it right.

My bar hopping companions were deep, deep, deep in conversation, so I left them alone a bit and wandered over to talk to some beautiful people I'd eyed from through the BP's nifty peep window that is conveniently situated in the wall between rooms. It allows the bartender to access both rooms without needing a cocktail waiter or waitress. I guess it is the ultimate pick up window, since I had no trouble making conversation with the Very Pretty Perla and her lucious friend Chris. Readers, the next time you're at the Patch, look around for the most attractive pair in the room and go say hi to Perla & Chris.

Out of money and almost out of time, we said goodnight to the gaylife a little before 2am and headed home. Because of that one final draft beer (thanks, Chris) I was asleep minutes after my head hit the pillow. Good times, good times.

I think that if I tasted the rainbow in each city I visit I'll probably find more clubs that remind me of one in Austin. I have to admit that our offerings are on the average much nicer than El Paso. This trip I didn't go to the O.P. (or rather, the New Old Plantation) but I think it's a good club. Kind of glad it isn't here...I'm sure I'd have a tragic drunken fall down a set of stairs if it were. We all know what happens when I get kacheery!

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