Thursday, May 11, 2006

Headlines Around The World Today

It's a stellar day in the newsgathering bizness. Yeah, yeah, there's the buzz about Bush and the Big Brother tactic of pulling our phone records. But enough about Bush and how The Establishment will one day soon implant tracking devices in our young shortly after birth. On to the real news!

A London mom has removed her 5 year old daughter from a British school where massage therapy is being introduced as a means to improve concentration. "It's all very concerning, particularly as the sessions are cross-sex involving girls and boys. What will be the long-term effect?" the mother queried. Hmm...I wonder what the long-term effect on sexual orientation would be, if a 5 year old girl has to rub down a "boys are icky" classmate?

To show how different Americans are from our across-the-pond neighbors, a mother in Maine is charged with helping her daughter and two other teens bake Ex-Lax cookies. Wow. We always made brownies with them.

And in Shanghai, four Australian men are set to live for a month in a 650 square foot glass cubicle complete with a shower. The bathroom comes with frosted glass so as not to offend public decency. Too bad.

What is raising eyebrows in your part of the world?

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