Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pillow Fight Club!

Too much stress at the office lately? Road rage on Mopac getting ya down? Have you had a recent break up and need to work off some boyfriend/girlfriend resentment in a manner that ensures APD won't show up looking for you? We have the perfect solution!

Auditorium Shores will be the scene of the very first Central Texas Pillow Fight Club tomorrow. Those in the know have already been recruited for the flash mob fun and are now talkin' it up around town and on craigslist. The goal is to have more fighters than the PFC San Francisco event, which had somewhere around a thousand plus. So bring your pillows and wait for the bell to toll 8pm and the fun begins. Rules include no jumpin' the gun so please wait for the 8pm bell, no heavy items in the pillowcases, everyone fights, do not hit anyone with your camera (you know you'll have it with you) and that this is a safe, fun event so please be as conscientious as possible and swing at the torso instead of the spectacles on someone's head.

Yes, yes I know I violated the first two rules of Fight Club but how in the hell are you supposed to have a huge crowd if you don't talk about it?


LMF said...

I have always hated pillow fights. They give me headaches.

Unemployed TwinKim said...

Where's the fun in it if you can't go for that killing death blow to the head?