Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Everybody Has Their Price

Muhammad Ali has sold an 80% interest in his name, image and likeness for around $50 million smackers. In cash. He's retaining the remaining 20% interest solely in his name. Wow. I would've sold it all, and for a helluva lot less.

I don't believe there would be much to gain by owning my name and likeness. My image? Well, there is something to be said about that, but it's usually centered around "Kay can't date people with political aspirations for fear of ruining their chances". To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, "If you have skeletons in the closet you may as well make them dance." Mine danced, and not always with the one what brung 'em, if ya know what I mean.

Let's say someone really did want to pay me a boatload of dinero for the 80% right to use Kay Marley and my likeness, which I'm guessing is pictures and/or sketches of me. Let's not stop to point out that I have never been accused of being photogenic. Would I really sell out? Hell yeah! Unless it is for some product that I could never in my life possibly endorse, such as the album cover of the newest release of the Prussian Blue band or something equally revolting.

I may even be persuaded to allow Frito-Lay to use a picture of a happy, smiling, Wasabi Funyun eating me on the next run of mass produced chip bags. Well, I'd do that if they'd just send me a case or two of freakin' addicting spicy onion rings. (Side note: still unable to find the delicious treat anywhere in town, have decided they are spiked with opiates).

Yes, we all have our prices. And Ali made good on his. There's nothing quite like a $50 million dollar nest egg in the bank for those rainy day needs.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love white slutty teenage girls.

Kaya said...

If you are referring to me as a white slutty teenage girl, then you are only 50% correct.