Friday, March 24, 2006

Kay Needs...

I googled "Kay needs" just to see what would come up. Some of these were surprisingly accurate, others just surprising. Kind of like cyber tarot card reading. Here's the first ten of my "needs":

  1. Kay needs a home (actually this was Kitty Kay, a special needs cat at Town Lake animal shelter).
  2. Kay needs your vote.
  3. Kay needs new man on keyboard.
  4. Kay needs a break.
  5. Kay needs help.
  6. Kay needs to rely on specific instruments for downing certain adversaries. (Don't piss me off this week).
  7. Kay needs to run against Hillary.
  8. Kay needs to wake up!
  9. Kay needs no introduction.
  10. Kay needs a red hot kiss like you really mean it.

Google your name/needs and let me know what came up.


Anonymous said...

Stacie needs her own forum! Stacie needs to gain cycling confidence Stacie needs to stay on longer Stacie needs to be The perfect roll model ...

Missychel said...

Chel needs a DRINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, does google know you or what!

Anonymous said...

John Needs Your Bone
John needs a lesson
John needs to get his patootie back here
John needs to embrace 'family values' Gay or straight
John Needs Rest After Throat Surgery
John needs our help
John needs prayers
John needs a good home
John needs to learn the art of negotiating

and last but not least
john needs to shut the fuck up

Anonymous said...

This experiment was a little too accurate: Emily needs a reality check, Emily needs psychiatric help, Emily needs eating companions around noon Wednesday....

TwinKim said...

Kim needs:
To save the world.
Some support.
More cash for dope. (hee hee)
To talk.
To take off the gloves.
Our prayers.
A home-she's for sale/adoption.
LOL. Kim's for sale because she is a five year old mixed-breed terrier in New Zealand!

Anonymous said...

Darla needs to pay
Darla needs a new hideaway
Darla needs to meet more people, dogs & kids
Darla needs a foster home
Darla needs to be spayed
Darla needs a chest x-ray
Darla needs work on socialization, manners, and obedience
Darla needs to make a tiny change in her own life, something to get Max's attention again.

Frederick Reinhardt said...

Frederick needs partners.
Frederick needs to be reviewed and incorporated.
Frederick needs to do things.
Frederick needs more firefighters.
Frederick needs more job opportunities.
Frederick needs more high wage business.
Frederick needs to be identified.
Frederick needs help.