Friday, November 25, 2005

Who Is Nate Torrence?

I love this guy. I have no reason to love him, but I do. Nate Torrence has been popping up in commercials all over the television. He's the poor schmuck in the Capitol One ads, playing the fall guy opposite David Spade. He's in the HEB commercials, screaming for ice cream. I recently saw Nate in a new one, playing a guy named "Moose" who goes to his high school reunion in a rental car and ends up with a babe on each arm. Sex sells, even for a big dude. Nate is not your usual 135lb actor. He's a guy with heft, with size and charm. His sweet smile and twinkling eyes gives you the "I'm harmless" vibe. The website I surfed looking for him reports that he is married and (possibly) has a daughter. It also says he was a pre-adolescent trampoline gymnast. I bet he's a helluva good time in the bedroom. I have no idea if he is destined for a great acting career, comedic or otherwise, but for now at least Nate has my attention. He makes waiting through the commercials so much more bearable. The next time a Capitol One or HEB commercial comes on, pay attention and then let me know what you think of Nate.


kittikin said...

me too! He's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Well everyone should love Nate. Why because he is a great guy. (By the way he is married and has a son.) He's worked hard and made a big step of faith moving out to southern Califonia. I'm sure he's getting a kick out of the things he's done and the people he's met. Most of us just dream of doing something like that but he's gone and done it and is still doing it. So go for it big guy.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering who this guy was for several months. I usually record anything I want to watch on TV and FF all commercials. I will watch anything with this guy in it. You are absolutely right that he is lovable, I finally figured out who he is because I noticed him as a waiter on Ghost Whisperer and checked the cast list on imdb.The biggest reason is beacuse I need an agent for my daughter and he's working so much I figured he must have a great one.