Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things About Me

Okay, okay...I know every blogger does this one. But the challenging part is finding 100 things that you don't know about me or may have forgotten. After all, we know I live my life as an open book. Or at least as a mostly opened book, since there are times in life that even I need to censor from certain individuals who may not understand my diverse and unique self. How about I start with 50 in this post and finish it up in a different one?

  1. I'm a twin. Kim is now groaning and thinking how bored she'll be reading the other 99 tidbits of scintillating (yawn) info.
  2. I have lived in: San Antonio (twice), Houston, Childress and Austin (twice) in Texas. By twice I mean I've lived in the city and moved away, then back.
  3. I have lived in: Monroe, West Monroe and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  4. I have also lived in Oklahoma City, St. Charles, Missouri and Gulf Breeze, Florida.
  5. I have only moved for love twice. The other times were probably much better reasons.
  6. The two times I moved for love the relationships were over within 6 months.
  7. The only set of bed sheets I own are denim. Yes, I wash them often.
  8. My first concert was in Monroe, when John Denver came to town. I got to meet him after the show and he was really nice. I still have the picture of us and still think he's a great singer/songwriter.
  9. I can't whistle or sing well. That is a major understatement.
  10. I once tried to rescue my dog Buddy from a very hungry Louisiana black bear. I did startle the bear enough so that he dropped my dog a few yards off in the brush, but Buddy had fatal injuries. I'm still traumatized.
  11. My mother was a nun. Really. A penguin of the church. Total black & white nun drag, long rosary beads and all that jazz. She opted out when Vatican II made changes to her order. See, and you thought once in, in for life, huh? That's the mafia.
  12. My father was a wrong number. Even more surprising is that my newly ex-nun mother was calling boys in the late 1960's. Progressive minded woman for the times!
  13. I hate Veg-All, those mixed veggies in a can. I think they taste the same, all tinny blandness.
  14. I adore caviar but don't get to eat it often.
  15. If given a choice between champagne or beer, I'm going for the champagne every single time.
  16. I've lived in haunted homes, one of which I won't talk about after dark unless you hand me something strong to drink.
  17. I love Cole Porter's music.
  18. My right pinky has a short tendon. It looks like it's been broken and healed funny. My mother and sister have the same dinky pinky.
  19. I have a half sister and two half brothers from my father's previous marriage. One of the half brothers spent most of his early adult life in and out of prison. Niiiice. The other two siblings are fabulous.
  20. My nephew and nieces call me Tía Kay.
  21. I am half Anglo, half Hispanic. Hence, tía instead of aunt. Yes, I look like a white girl. Thanks, Dad. Can't even get a tan with this skin tone.
  22. I still have my baby pillow and two pillowcases.
  23. I weighed 3lbs, 13oz at birth. Damn, but I'm a healthy girl now!
  24. I adore the smell of gardenias on the bush but think it stinks as a perfume.
  25. I once had a beta fish named Jonah who had his own voice mail on my phone line. You wouldn't believe the number of people who would "press 1 if you'd like to leave a message for Jonah".
  26. When I lived in San Antonio, I hung out mostly at Tejano clubs.
  27. I have lived in Austin for over a decade but visited the capitol for the first time this year.
  28. I was in Brownies when I lived in Childress.
  29. I was in 4-H when I lived in Louisiana.
  30. My six closest friends in junior high & high school were: my sister Kim, Jamette, Kimi, Tami, Theresa and Travis.
  31. I have worn a garbage bag dress and punk rock makeup in public, more than once.
  32. I have worn a 10 carat round brilliant diamond ring on more than 1 occasion. Nope, I do not, nor have I ever owned one.
  33. My favorite comfort cold food is Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream.
  34. I know how to fish for crawfish.
  35. I have been cooking for almost 30 years. Still love it.
  36. My great-grandmother made tortillas on her wood burning stove. Even though it isn't exactly the same touch of smoky smell, I still love the aroma of tortillas cooking on a hot comal.
  37. I owe the City of Austin Public Library $50 in late dues.
  38. I have fallen in love three times in my life.
  39. I've had my heart broken twice.
  40. My present and past nicknames include: Kaya, Kiki, Pap, J. J. Jr. and Prism. Yeah, don't ask.
  41. I got caught passing a note in English class in 5th grade. Unfortunately, it was a dirty poem. Fortunately my teacher had a sense of humor and let me go with a stern lecture.
  42. I have stolen beer from the Knights of Columbus refrigerator in the St. Paschal's Parish Hall.
  43. I jimmied the door lock to the K of C room in order to steal the beer, which I shared with other youth group kids. Ahh, the joys of Catholicism!
  44. My sister spent a year as a missionary, touring the U.S. and Canada in a van and ministering to Catholic youths. During that time she learned how to spit, smoke and pick a lock.
  45. I smoked cigarettes while tending bar at The Hideout in Baton Rouge. I quit smoking after developing asthma.
  46. I own guns. I also believe in gun safety and education. And I'm a damn good shot.
  47. I have only recently become a convert to techno/house music thanks to my boyfriends relentless years of brainwashing and out & out refusal to change the c.d.
  48. I don't care much for store-bought cakes, pies and cookies. Very few taste good to me.
  49. My earliest memory is of watching the men land on the moon for the first time. It was on a black and white television.
  50. I love falling asleep to the sound of ocean waves. It was my favorite part about living in Gulf Breeze.

To be continued...unless you're totally bored. Leave me a comment and let me know if I should post another 50 scraps of Kay trivia.


Juliabohemian said...

well I think you have to own a gun if you live in Texas, right?

Amy said...

OMG, my son lives in Gulf Breeze!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining....go ahead with another 50.


Anonymous said...

That was the most awesome study break all week - complete with my study buddy yelling "stop laughing..we dont have time for fun. if I dont get to laugh you don't!" Hahaha. thanks for always putting a smile on my face...looking forward to the next ones...

TwinKim said...

I did yawn after reading #1 but started laughing soon after. Go ahead and post the other 50.