Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Final 25 Things About Me.

  1. As a child, I was caught on a railroad trestle with a train speeding toward me and had to run as fast as I was able to beat the train and get off the track.
  2. While in high school, my family hosted a French exchange student, a pretty blonde girl named Caroline. Before she left Paris, she shaved her legs, which scandalized her mother who thought she looked like an American floozy.
  3. My Prima Por Vida, Vickie and I started wondering how big our Hispanic Catholic family had become. We counted up the number of people on our side of the family but were unsure we had it all down. Calling on La Capitan de nuestro familia, Tía Maria Elena, she took all of 15 minutes before returning the verdict: 93 relatives, including spouses. Tía added the 1 fiancee and 2 longterm boyfriends for a total of 96. We are the stereotypical Catholic Hispanic family! Imagine what our family reunion will be like, once we get one organized.
  4. I remember buying candy at the Superette on the corner of W. Elmwood & Old Sterlington Rd. in Monroe, La. One of my favorites was the pack of bubblegum cigarettes coated with sweetened powder that blew out like real smoke when you puffed on the "cigarette". Gotta love the tobacco marketing back then.
  5. My "you're going to burn in hell" moment happened in 1988 when I made out in a confessional after a meeting of the LSU Catholic students organization.
  6. I accidentally threw my boyfriend's class ring out a car window and off the Desiard St. bridge while trying to get rid of a beer can pop top (or pull tab, whatever you call them). He was not happy about it. We broke up within days.
  7. I have braved the infamous Southern Decadence in New Orleans and lived to tell the tale, although I may still be emotionally scarred. I'd thought I'd seen it all until I went to this Labor Day festival. Let's just say I have an image of a sex act burned forever into my mind along with permanent liver damage.
  8. When I was a bartender, my signature shot was called a Blowjob. Made with creme de cacao, creme de banana, vodka and cream, it goes down super easy but you'll definitely know you've had one.
  9. I have read all of the books in the Wizard of Oz series penned by L. Frank Baum. Some were not so good.
  10. I believe in magic. I think everyone needs more magic in their lives.
  11. I think every teenager needs a part time job, even if it is only during summer break.
  12. Oreo cookies are one of my guilty pleasures.
  13. I am still dreaming of the day when I can go skydiving. I'm not worried about dying but I am concerned I may break a foot or ankle upon impact.
  14. I still wish on the first star I see at night.
  15. One year I had a Valentine's breakfast date, lunch date and dinner date. It was a very good year.
  16. I have seen/participated in the Rocky Horror Picture Show 13 times over the years. For the record, I've never worn a costume although if I ever had it would be Magenta's.
  17. Once when discussing how in the past I've dated men I met at friends' weddings, my niece (who was 8 at the time) quipped "Tía Kay will be looking for a husband at my wedding." Sadly, my family probably still believes that.
  18. If I had one hour to spend with anyone at all in the world there would be no way I'd be able to choose just one person. I love too many of ya'll.
  19. Like Madonna sings "Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind, I’ll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind."
  20. My favorite place to eat in St. Louis is Pho Grand at 3195 South Grand Blvd. If you're in town and need great Dau Hu Chien Don, Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio and Cafe Sua Da they are the place to hit. Mmmm!
  21. If you gave me a $50 bill and said I could spend it wherever I pleased, it would be very difficult to choose between Whole Foods, Central Market, Half Price Books or Barnes & Noble. I'd either buy an ounce of caviar and a decent but midrange priced champagne or books.
  22. My favorite summer camp experience was Camp Hacknslash, the world premiere of Freddy Vs. Jason. Hosted by Alamo Drafthouse and Ain't It Cool News, we participated in camp activities with a twist. Softball became sloshball when you had to stop and chug a beer at 2nd base. We made Freddy hands and Jason masks along with other Blair Witch Crafts. Yummy BBQ and endless beer had us ready to watch every Friday the 13th & Freddy trailer played before the big movie event and participate in a Q&A session with the actors who play the main men after. Fun times!
  23. I hate the smell of the generic pink antibiotic soap found in restrooms across the country.
  24. My favorite Starbucks beverage is a triple shot venti soy latte. I love the slightly nutty flavor of the soy milk and think this is the one coffee drink that doesn't need sugar added.
  25. The only peanut butter I like is Whole Food's all natural freshly ground PB. It rocks! Even more fun is going to the store and grinding it know there is nothing in it but peanuts and it tastes a hundred times better than Jif.

This concludes the 100 Things About Me. I hope you had a laugh or two and learned something new.


Anonymous said...

please next write about the benefits of having smooth balls.

kaysfriend said...

Reading your blog makes me miss you so much! You have had quite a PAST (glad I was a little part of it) and are having such a great PRESENT...can't wait to see what the FUTURE holds in store for you! Figure out who I am yet? Here's a clue ...we have known each other for 20+ years.

your favorite old neice said...

yo tia kay!
too funny...
i can only imagine the trouble you were able to get into before i was legal....... sounds like you have had some fun times...

89 days to go before your grrneice is here... i'm more emotional now then before and it takes nothing to cry.

i miss you mucho!

and i believe that smooth balls are better for dipping

Kaya said...

Smooth that's a topic! I'll see what I can come up with. An ode to smooth balls. LOL

Hello My Fav Adult Niece. So we're on grrniece alert! Less than 3 months to go. I guess I better hurry up and start shopping so she can be stylin' everyday in nice clothes. I forbid you to take her anywhere in public wearing only a diaper. She must have on clothes and socks, if not sandals or shoes. No PWT babies!!

And far I can only determine that you are:
a) literate
b) probably went to high school with me and may have gone to jr. high and/or elementary with me
c) knows me well enough to name the answering service
d) more than likely went to the Ark-La-Miss fair with me and our friends

So...let's narrow it down trivia style. Who did I go to the prom with when I wore the pink dress? Whose class ring did I accidentally pitch into the Ouachita river? When I say the "most beautiful Chevy ever to drive on the face of the earth" does it mean something to you? What soap was used to bathe Jamie?

PPV Vickie said...

Gotta write more about cool & embarrising moments.

TwinKim said...

I have to laugh at some of these and it's because I was around for so much of it!! Remember going to see Rocky Horror in Tiger Town? And you threw the ring out the window on senior skip day. I, the more law-abiding twin at that time, was not skipping and was totally appalled that you had lost his ring.

I'm very interested in the secret identity of kaysfriend, too. I have some guesses and I think narrowing it down with trivia is a fun way to do it! For instance, can kaysfriend tell me what a "swirlie at Short Course" means?

Oh, and I think that the benefit of smooth balls means your marble rolls better. And here's a shout out to my niece and grrniece and also to my fav cousin Vickie who I wish I visit with more than once a decade. Anyone up for a road trip to St. Louis??!

Juliabohemian said...

I remember reading those OZ books too, as a kid and some of them got a little freaky.

kaysfriend(andKimstoo!) said...

OK....Obviously your memory is much, much better than mine. I can't even remember who I went to the prom with. How can I possibly remember who you went with while wearing a pink dress. Unfortunately, senility is setting in for me. My mind has discarded most of my past and chosen to remember just random items (most of them completely insignificant - but, hey, what can I do?). Lucky for me I remember almost NOTHING about my first marriage. Hmmmm... another hint!
I DO remember what a swirlie at short course is. It involves a poor schmuck being held upside down in a toilet in Baton Rouge. The end result being a life-sized kewpie doll.
Perhaps, with my limited cognitive ability I should share some things I DO remember. I remember THE WHALE, you partying your a** off at LSU and being very BAD!!, Kim & Scott totally grossing us out by sucking face all the time, Anj, Granny, watching your dad drink homemade beer, a dunking booth at St. Paschal's, and a nose picker on a bus. Those are a few things I managed to retrieve from my crashed data base. This has got to narrow it down trememdously!

Kaya said...

Well, I know only two friends from that time period that have had more than one marriage (although that may have changed). Both first marriages ended badly enough that neither one of you can be blamed for repressing those memories! And both of you would (hopefully) remember the majority of the rest you mentioned. However, I don't think both of you would know the meaning of a swirlie.

So...that means only one of you would know about giving away Icees for free when you worked at the convenience store. Right??

Kaya said...

I forgot to say that I must have been so repulsed by the nose picker on the bus that I repressed some memories. Ick!

kaysfriend said...

I don't remember ever working at a convenience store.

Anonymous said...

And for once it ain't me.

Kaya said...

Wow, I thought I had it all figured out. So, if you never worked at a convenience store I'll have to think of something else. Of course I have since thought of another friend who had a first marriage that ended badly, but it was an accidental tragedy.

I have you narrowed down, but I'm still not 100% certain. More hints, please!

TwinKim said...

I had repressed my teenage hormones and have not thought about Scott in years. I still don't remember the nose picker. Before we got a car, I do remember paying a certain someone gas money so I didn't have to ride the bus and then Kay making us perpetually late to school--well, we probably wouldn't be late if we hadn't stopped every morning at the gas station for treats and unhealthy breakfast items!

I'm so intrigued!! Who is kaysfriend??? My guess was Jamette until the convenience store hint fell through. Senility would really have to be setting in for her to forget working there, although I'm not sure I can account for every line on my resume, either. My next guess is Kimi Rosa Hosehead. She would certainly know all of these same details, including who got caught by 4H leaders eating pizza and drinking beer at Short Course. After those two, my guesses would include several members of the Ratliff Clan and/or Tami. But I didn't know that Tami was divorced so that may count her out.

Of course, my guesses don't count. It's Kay's blog, after all !