Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things I Saw On the Way to Work This Morning

  1. Two angry looking mechanics waving at the traffic and holding an "Early Bird Special! Oil Change $19.99" sign at the Jiffy Lube on S. Lamar.
  2. A crunchy granola looking dude standing in the turn lane trying not to get hit by a car while he waited for a break in traffic so he could finish his dash across to Starbucks.
  3. A really, really attractive man riding a bicycle through the construction area covered walkway in front of the Paggi House area of Lamar.
  4. A group of women on the pedestrian bridge over Lamar by the Amtrak know, the part where you've crossed the river and the underpass has those stupid blue signs that are supposed to be art but look too industrial highway-ish to really make the claim? They had a huge pink banner that said "Code Pink Austin, Texas! End the War!!" and were alternately waving & flashing peace signs to the cars below. I looked online and Code Pink is an Austin based women's peace and social justice movement.
  5. A young blonde business woman click clack clicking up Sixth to her office. She had on a fabulous tan slim skirt and a man tailored striped shirt with sexy heels and I wondered if her office copy guys had running bets on who could get her drunk at happy hour and score.

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