Monday, July 03, 2006

Fickle Following for Tour de France

Where's the hype? Where's the excitement? Where's the support, Austin? Lance retires and we turn our backs on the Tour--is that how it goes? There's been relatively little TDF talk around town so I'm sending a shout out to all my girlfriends and gayfriends. The American Hottie, George Hincapie, took the yellow jersey for the first time in his career yesterday. C'mon, Austin! Let's get Hincapie Happy. The man is gorgeous and American. What could be more fun than pissing off the cycling world one more time by cheering yet another Yank to victory?

In other TDF news, officials announced they'll no longer give out giant green cardboard hands to fans during the final stages of flat rides. Norwegian Thor Hushorvd crashed yesterday during the finish sprint when his shoulder brushed against a fan's giant hand. News reports say his "bloody gash" was stitched up at the hospital. I'd feel awful if my gigantic cheering gear caused a cyclist to crash and burn. Perhaps the tour officials need to rethink the use of cardboard crowd giveaways completely, not just in the final stages.


Missychel said...

sooo....he wasn't stabbed? there sure was a ton of blood gushing outta him. I guess with the heart pumping so hard it seemed worse than it was.

Kaya said...

Nope he wasn't stabbed...but I spelled his name wrong. There's no r in Hushovd. Oops.

Amy said...

The sad thing is that if it's not a big cardboard hand, then it'll be a flag or a scarf or pretty much anything else, because some moron spectator is going to get in the way no matter what :(