Monday, June 20, 2005

3/4 Mile Swim, Karaoke, Illegal Gambling & More

It's now a week post-Danskin and I am still marveling at my accomplishment. I can't believe I really did it, but there's a medal hanging on my office wall that shows I did. I also found out that I swam a LOT more than expected. It turns out the drifting buoy added an additional 1/4 mile to my 1/2 mile swim. I'm feeling better knowing I did 3/4 mile in 57 minutes. And I understand now why I was so completely worn out. I haven't ever gone that distance in the water! I have some pictures to share, courtesy of Frank and Frederick. If you'd like to see them, email me. I can't figure out how to post pics on this blog yet! :-)

Frank left town on Friday morning and surprised his family for a weekend visit. Before he fled the city, we caught a showing of Batman Begins. Two words: loved it. Frank's traveling courtesy of the Albuquerque Heart Hospital, who is apparently so short of O.R. employees that they're importing them from sister facilities. Anyone need a job? He spent the weekend visiting with la familia in El Paso before heading to New Mexico. He'll be there all week, which includes his birthday. Happy 21st again, babe! This coming weekend he will hustle over to Phoenix to see Martin & Scott so that they won't do what they've been threatening---come to Austin. My liver is finally back in healthy shape from years of excess. If the Boys come to town I'd find it difficult to restrain myself. Their party moods are infectious!

Speaking of precious nephew Adie has been in day care all of three weeks and he's already been exposed to nasty germs. Yup. The dreaded Pink Eye. I guess it's paybacks for missing out on the same illness with my other precious nephew, Michael. So...I'm makeupless this week until we know for sure that I don't have it. I really don't want to have to throw out my mascara and liquid eye liner.

Friday night we had a fabulous time at karaoke. The goodbye party for Desiree was a hit. I did sing, loudly and off key. I have newfound respect for both Gwen and Leslie. They turned on the charm and the crowd with their sex kitten styles of singing and for Leslie, crawling and sliding across the table was an added bonus to the show. Rarrr! I also have to give a shoutout to LJ: great Gloria Gaynor, dude.

Saturday was a take-it-easy day. I didn't do anything until afternoon, when I spent a fun afternoon/early evening celebrating Heather's new abode at her house warming party. Her new house came at a great price since the previous owner expired in the garage. Disappointingly, no one brought her a Ouija board as a house warming gift.

I left Heather's after several exciting rounds of Catchphrase (girls rule!) with EVERY intention of going home and getting in bed early. But Margie was at Dick's playing the 8 line I went by for a bit. These illegal machines are the reason Dick's stays open. The seven other people in the bar (including staff) were laughing and drinking while I watched Margie throw twenties into the machine. Finally her persistence paid off and she hit a jackpot of $300. Cocktails were called for and Margie continued gambling. I'm wondering how long it will be before someone leaks it to the authorities that these machines pay out cash despite the "For Amusement Purposes Only!!! No prizes are awarded!!!" signs posted on the wall. I cheered Margie on for a while longer before calling it an early night. Just as I arrived home Margie called to tell me that she had hit a $150 jackpot and was going home. I think she cleared close to $300 in cold hard cash.

Sunday morning found me at Town Lake for a run. Man oh man am I slow. I have a long way to go before Virginia Beach. I saw Hang & Jason at the halfway mark and talked to them a bit. The weather was humid and I was already disgustingly sweaty. At least I looked as if I'd had a great run. I finished out the 5K and went home to clean up for Father's Day Lunch.

Dad made some wonderful grilled shrimp & jalapeƱos wrapped in bacon. I threw together potato salad and grilled ribs to go with Mom's frijoles. It was a yummy meal! Dad and I got to talk for a while before Mom came home from church. By the time she came home lunch was just about ready. Hung out with the parentals for the afternoon and then headed off to Oil Can's.

The Can actually did some improvements to the patio...the floor and deck are newly painted with a faux stone finish. I wish they'd put a/c in the women's restroom. But since there are still divisions and discrimination within the gay community I won't be holding my breath for renovations to the restroom. It's the Rosa Parks Memorial Bathroom. Women at Oil Can's are totally back of the bus. My shift was fun despite the heat. I chatted with the regulars and met a few nice first timers. OCH has added live entertainment in the form of Jacinta, a hot new Australian singer specializing in a house sound. Rumor has it she'll be performing again at the Can. They've also added karaoke on Monday nights, so be prepared for some tired queen singing Cher songs over and over.

That's my weekend in review. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

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Kaya said...

I have new info on the race course issues. Apparently, after I swam an additional 1/4 mile, the race volunteers overcorrected and later waves swam less than a 1/2 mile total. "Bitter, party of 1, you're table is ready. Bitter..."