Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wheel of Fortune is teaching my son his alphabet

Ryder has taken to pointing to letters and calling out their name, although mainly he says "E" and "D" for everything.  I thought at first that maybe Elmo isn't such a squeaky voiced tool of a monster and he was to thank for helping Ryder learn his letters, but I was mistaken.  The Wheel of Fortune is teaching my son his alphabet.

At dinnertime each night that Ryder is with his Welito y Welita, they push his highchair up to the table and eat while watching quick witted contestants solve the puzzle.  It makes complete sense when you think that you hear a contestant ask for a particular letter, then see it on the screen, hear it again as Pat repeats the letter, and see it light up when Vanna turns it (or not), well, you get the repetition.  And repetition means retention, therefore enabling Wheel of Fortune to be a viable education source for toddlers.  At least for mine, that is.

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