Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mama: When Will My Child Say It?

Ryder still hasn't said "mama". His repertoire of words is getting bigger. He can say Dada, hey, cat, clock, yeah, baba (our word for bottle) and bubbles. He has said "Welita" at least once in the past month or so...which pleased my mother terribly. He shortens their nicknames now to "Ita" and "Ito".

Last night he called out "Dada!" to get Jaime's attention before he threw a ball across the living room, chortling to himself in delight. He points at the clocks in our house and others and gleefully says "clock! clock!". He whispers softly through the window to the kitties outside "". But "mama"? Nope.

He might've said it last night when he was overly tired and suffering from teething pains but his face was pressed into my thigh and whatever word he uttered was muffled, hard to hear through his sobbing. Since it sounded quite a bit like "mama" Jaime and I shot a look and a raised eyebrow at each other. For now I'm still waiting to hear him call me Mama. Or Kay. Or anything, really, as long as it's clear he means me. I swear he's holding back on purpose.

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