Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Haven't updated in a while simply because I'm busy. In the last month I've:
  • Attended the Austin Cocktail Throwdown (loved the winning libation).
  • Took a week long vacation to visit my twin in the St. Louis metro area where I got to eat the most delicious Vietnamese cuisine, ever.
  • Managed to go see my man mate's band play a gig (first time in forever that I've done that).
  • Sadly neglected my Examiner page but a concerted effort on my Twitter site has paid off in followers.
  • Completed a 9 mile walk/run followed the next week by a 10 miler, then a 9.5 miler and soon, another 10 miler for my San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon training.
  • Missed sweet baby Ryder saying "Mama" for the first time (and two more times after that) because I was away from home. Perhaps he only says it when I'm not around. If a baby says "Mama" in the forest, does it still mean I have to change his diaper?
  • Had my last chiropractic appointment for my shoulder problem. Thanks, Chris!
  • Unpacked exactly one box from the huge stash in our garage...leftover from moving the contents of our storage room to our house a few months ago. It'll get done. Sometime.
And there's more, most of which is too dull to post. What've you been up to?

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