Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Recent Life, The Cliff Notes Version

What've I been doing with my time since fall? Here's a little glimpse into my life, the Cliff Notes version.
  • Show Us Your Goods event at The Marq. Shopping and cocktails! It was our inaugural show & fundraiser at the start of the Christmas shopping season. Who are we? Next bullet point!

  • 3 Dames Productions. I've teamed up with my friends Chel and Leigh and we've been busy promoting locally owned businesses with our shows. Mixing, mingling and shopping is always fun!

  • Helping support my boyfriend's band. SuperCrash was recently named one of Austin's favorite rock bands.

  • Lost 8.5" with the help of Austin Adventure Bootcamp, the best fitness program in town. I am losing weight, gaining muscle and increasing my endurance, thanks to my great instructor and my camp friends. Yes, I really have lost eight and a half inches overall...in less than a month. I'm on my second camp now and will hopefully show even more progress. (Wow, this was a long bullet point).

  • Coaching a walking group in Austin Fit's Cap 10K training program. So far we're up to 4 miles.

  • Cooking. New Year's Eve had me grilling ribeyes and lobster tails while the potatoes au gratin cooked. And I made a fabulous crawfish etouffee for Valentine's Day dinner. Here's some pictures for you foodies out there. Until next time, enjoy!

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