Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage!

Six bits of trivia that uphold the fact that I am definitely turning 40 in five weeks:

1. My friends and I were excited when Pop Rocks appeared on the market in 1975.

2. I stood in line to see the very first Star Wars movie and know without a doubt that it was named Star Wars, not Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I also owned the Luke Skywalker action figure from The Empire Strikes Back. It came with a Tauntaun that had a slit in it's belly so you could slide Luke inside and keep him from freezing to death on the ice planet Hoth.

3. I bought the single (on 45rpm) of Music Box Dancer after it hit #3 on the charts in 1979. I think it's still a pretty pop instrumental.

4. And later, I wore out my cassette tape of Billy Idol "Rebel Yell".

5. I know that Hong Kong Phooey changed into his crime fighting costume in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet.

6. The same year I saw Star Wars, I also attended my first R rated movie...with my mother and sister. It was the disco classic Saturday Night Fever. "It's a decision a girl's gotta make early in life, if she's gonna be a nice girl or a cunt." ~Tony Manero.


Anonymous said...

Nobody wears wrinkles like you do babe.

Anonymous said...

you have way too much time on your hands granny.

Kay said...

Wrinkles? I'm a product of early pickling. Instead of Botox, I grabbed Jack Daniels.

And for the record, I have not yet spawned any demonchildren who in turn have reproduced so there is no reason to call me Granny.


The Elder Caribou said...

Don't forget the video arcade! PacMan, Galaga and a hundred other quarter-munching machines! w00t!